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In the intimate space of La Lingerie, women are welcomed with a safe, comforting and educational environment. La Lingerie is the intimate place to empower all women, not just those who wear 34 B. A La Lingerie fitting is an experience every woman deserves.


Clients of La Lingerie would like to share...

I should have come sooner
Kathy T. says: I had postponed visiting because "I'll loose 20 lbs, then go" "they won't have my size - no one does" ... wrong and wrong. I went because I needed a bra for a special occasion dress. I left with 4 bras that fit better than any I've ever had (I'm well over 40) and I didn't need a special bra for my dress, just one that fit correctly. There's no pressure, the prices are in line with what I pay for something in my size anyway and they fit. Merideth was my fitter and she was great. She made me feel comfortable and got my size right with her first try. This will be my only lingerie shop in the future. I also like their charitable efforts with DAIS.
Rejuvenating as always
Marnie M. says: I have been a customer here for years and love the quality, one on one service that I get. I was a little nervous, as many of the fitters are new and unfamiliar to me. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional, knowledgeable staff that made me feel comfortable and in good company. And as always, I left left with a renewed love for my body and some great bras to help keep me feeling confident.
Quick fit but satisfying
Carla Y. says: I am a third time customer and I knew what I wanted and I expressed this to my fitter. I had a 30 min appointment and I was done within the 30 min. So, knowing what I wanted was a great help as a repeat customer.
La lingerie is a genuine shop.
Lauren b. says: Scheduling an appointment is a cinch and they carry an inventory that is both well crafted and selective. The staff is professional and organized. My garment specialist was especially insightful and deeply knowledgeable. I look more proportionate and my clothes fit a lot better. I'm not going anywhere else.
Awesome Service and High Quality Products
Meghan K. says: I needed a swim suit for the weekend and was dreading having to try them on, but I really enjoyed the experience for the first time ever and found an awesome swimsuit that I felt comfortable and confident in. I also needed some new bras and Sam, the fitter, allowed me to try some on in addition to the swimsuit fitting. Will definitely tell all my girlfriends about La La Lingerie and bring my family!
I learned a lot.
Nancy M. says: Being 60 years young I figured it was about time I was professionally fitted for a bra. At the same time I also thought I've gotten this far without one, do I really need this professional bra fitting experience? Come to find out, yes, yes I did. All this time I've been buying bras that are too big for me. Sam helped me in and out of many bras until I found the right one. I thought it was too small but I was wrong. I've tried it on this morning and it fits just right. Plenty of support, not too tight and it keeps my "wobbly bits" in place. I also left with a very nice 1 piece bathing suit. Thank you Sam.
Unexpected success
Rebekah V. says: The fastest way to make me angry has always been to try finding a bra that actually fits. No more ordering $300 worth of multiple sizes and hoping that one will 'work.' La Lingerie was a delightful experience from start to finish. Georgina was fantastic helping me find a nursing bra and a sports bra that I can jump rope in without a sore chest. I tried on two dozen bras that fit!!! I will definitely be back as I rotate out my closet.
Sam was great!
Stephanie F. says: Sam helped me find a new bra after having my second child. I was skeptical she could help with what I needed given that I have a body that has breastfed two kids, but she was great and I found two cute bras that make me feel great. Thank you!
Always excellent
Jennifer S. says: I've been fitted here many times for bras and swimwear now and am consistently pleased with my experience and purchases.
Very Pleasantly Surprised!
Hannah B. says: I have a very hard time finding bras that actually fit. I usually end up getting something that is 'not awful,' but not quite right either. I had gone to another specialty bra store that was supposed to specialize in hard to fit sizes, and left with bras I didn't like and the owner saying, "I don't know what else to do for you." Needless to say, I didn't have very high expectations for my appointment. I was definitely wrong. This is the first time I've ever had the issue of loving multiple bras and needing to decide which to purchase! I'll definitely be back to buy more items off my wishlist!
So Happy!
Kathryn A. says: This was my first time to La Lingerie and I cannot be happier. I had shopped at other locations in Madison to try to find the perfect most supportive, comfortable bra. Every time the experience left me feeling disappointed that I spend too much money, the associate didn't listen to me or share information on what to look for in a bra. I continued to be uncomfortable and at time in pain. Yesterday's experience at La Lingerie was perfect. Sam was wonderful! I left knowing more about fit, comfort and care. I also now have some of the most comfortable beautiful bras I have had ever. I will be back, what a a great experience. I surely will recommend La Lingerie going forward and plan to be back. Thank you!!!
Excellent Customer Service
Kathy R. says: I wrote a review on 6/15/17 indicating I was disappointed with my experience at La Lingerie. The manager, Meghan, contacted me as she was concerned that my experience was not satisfying. Meghan invited me to come back in for a fitting with her which I did. My experience on 6/21 was delightful. Meghan spent a lot of time with me and helped me find a bra that fits well. She also helped fit me in a swimsuit. I was very pleased and happy with the customer service and understanding I received.
Excellent experience and overall philosophy!
Meg C. says: This is the second time I've been to la lingerie, and I never plan on going anywhere else! The customer service is excellent. They help you to find something that fits well, is comfortable and promotes confidence - I have learned a ton each time I've gone! I provide high level information about what's important to me, and they are so incredibly knowledgeable -and immediately find products that align with my expressed preferences. Even more than the excellent quality products and customer service/experience, I am so impressed by their overall philosophy of celebrating individuality and beauty in all women. I leave my fitting feeling good about myself - just as I am - and proud and grateful to be a woman.
Wonderful Experience
Kathy M. says: Kathy: I needed to find a bra for a formal dress. The fitter was friendly and professional. She listened well, and showed a lot of knowledge about the different bras. I don't think I am the easiest to fit as my body is no longer young and firm. She really nailed a size for me; it's a size that I never would have dreamed of trying. I will definitely make the 2 hr. drive to return for more bras!
Disappointed This Time
Kathy R. says: I have a been purchasing all my bras for La Lingerie for several years now. I have never been disappointed with a fitting appointment until last week. My body and breasts changed such that none of my bras were fitting correctly. I made an appointment online with a specific request for a fitter who had experience with older women's bodies and stated that I had large, pendulous breasts and was hard to fit. I was quite surprised that my fitter was a very young college woman.I have no complaints about her - she was friendly, professional and did her best to help me but I didn't feel she understood how finding the right bra was difficult for me.I ended up purchasing a bra that I'm not really satisfied with but it fits better than my current ones. My disappointment is that I feel my request for a fitter who had the experience and maturity to really understand my needs given my body type, was not honored.
Incredible customer service!
Ashley O. says: I have never had a bad experience at La Lingerie but this last appointment went exceptionally well! My fitter really took time to find the best choices for my body and my style. She had a great personality and it shows that she likes helping people find the right fit and feel good. I know I took a lot of her time and she never let it show, in fact I was more worried about it than she was. She made something that I consider a "chore" extra fun, it was like shopping with a bestie!! THANK YOU!!!
Customer for life!
Julie Y. says: I have only worn my La Lingerie bras since the day I first came here. I have thrown all the rest of my bras away. I have been wearing the wrong size, ill-fitting bras for 20 years but putting on my new bras with the patient and unobtrusive guidance of La Lingerie staff, I look 10 years younger and 10lbs lighter. I've just returned to be fitted for a bathing suit and after 2 c-sections, thought I would never be caught dead in a bathing suit again. But Megan helped me find 3 suits I love! Can I wear a bathing suit to work???
Learned so much!
Kathy D. says: This was my first time visiting, and my fitting was a pleasant experience. Before this, I would just buy whatever bra from a department store and didn't know what I was missing. I learned so much about proper bra fit and was able to try on more styles than I could imagine. Megan was so helpful and informative. I will definitely come back to shop again.
Annie W. says: This was my first fitting at La Lingerie. I felt so comfortable, and the woman who helped me (Sam?) was super knowledgeable and friendly. They also have a lot of options, which is awesome. I will definitely be returning!
Rebecca S. says: This was my second fitting and I left with two great bra purchases. I finally have a strapless bra that fits and a bra that still has the smooth, rounded look I like but is a little "prettier". Trillian was so helpful. I'll keep recommending La Lingerie to everyone I know!
Great Experience!
Dominique B. says: I am a customer and will be as long as I'm in the area. I brought my teenage daughter in (size E!) to get her fitted. The woman who helped us was fantastic! She's a shy girl and our fitter gave her just the right amount of advice and privacy. Her new bras totally change the way her clothes fit and even her posture! Thank you so much!
3rd Visit and Still a VERY Happy Customer!
Jennifer R. says: Yet another fantastic experience! What a wonderful place that allows a customer an unhurried, supportive, kind shopping experience, all with a cup of tea :) Great bra selection! And a delight to work with Meredith and to catch up with Megan! You ladies are doing it RIGHT! I will continue to highly recommend your shop with your stellar service!!
Exceptional Service!
Heather W. says: Being a plus-size girl, I have always thought that my bras were just meant to be uncomfortable. I came here and I was, to say the least, very impressed! I bought three bras in three different styles and colors and they all fit amazingly well! I never felt rushed, nor pressured to buy anything. My experience was great and non-judgmental. Thank you for making me feel like I don't have to suffer through the day in a bra! :)
Truly Wonderful
Kristin M. says: I first tried La Lingerie because I could not find a nursing bra that fit me well. I was delighted to find La Lingerie had a wonderful selection that gave me the support and coverage every nursing mom needs. I used to travel to Chicago to get fitted and buy my bras. I am so happy I heard of La Lingerie because I can get the same great (if not better!) quality and service here in Madison. I recently bought a swimsuit. I finally feel fabulous in a suit that is comfortable, fits well, and is stylish. The selection and customer service is beyond exceptional. I won't buy another bra from any other place!
Jess P. says: I am so happy I came. A good friend used to work here and had been encouraging me to go for a few years now, and I finally did. I just wish I had gone sooner. Meredith was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable. She listened to what I wanted, and gave me some options to look at that I otherwise might not have considered. She measured me and checked the fit, and then asked if I felt comfortable having her manager, Megan double check. They both genuinely cared about helping me find what was best for me. I'm so happy with the staff, the selection and the store! They have not only bras, but sports bras and even a great selection of swimsuits. If you're trying to make a decision, remember that YOU are absolutely worth it!
Well Done
Paula M. says: I appreciated the excellent service and fitting I received from Meagan! Thank you for the helpful and respectful service!
Shreyasee D. says: This is the first time I've ever gone bra shopping, and I cannot praise this place enough. Sam was absolutely accommodating to all of my needs, and did not ever once pressure me to buy anything. She explained what she was going to do during the appointment, and she made every effort to make me feel at ease during the fitting experience. It was a very very liberating experience, completely judgement free as well. Highly recommend
Caitlin C. says: I started going to La Lingerie because the Victoria's Secret bras I had been wearing felt like cages, and I thought it was time to make a change. The staff there has always been extremely helpful, and I never felt rushed or pressured to buy anything. I had never had a comfortable, supportive bra until I walked out of La Lingerie, and it's made all the difference. Plus, the quality of the merchandise they carry is phenomenal -- with proper care, I've been able to make my purchases last for 1.5+ years.
Extremely Helpful - Did not take long
Jimmy C. says: My wife had a fitting and made some purchases last year. I came in shopping for a romantic getaway gift and two members of the staff helped with suggestions. In less than five minutes had a collection of possibilities laid out before me. Made selections (beautiful stuff) and was on my way in within the 30 minutes allocated for the appointment.
LOVE my new swimsuit
Kimbrin C. says: I kind of hate shopping, because it's so hard to find things that fit. I had a FANTASTIC experience at La Lingerie! Sam had lots of suggestions for suits to try on, and good advice. It was like shopping with a good friend who has great taste (and keeps bringing you things from the floor). I left with a swimsuit that I feel really comfortable in, is REALLY cute, and fits great! I had heard good things from friends, but still my expectations were exceeded.
Loving my new bras!
Denise W. says: Thoroughly enjoyed my fitting and am absolutely thrilled with my new bras. Will never shop anywhere else for my lingerie needs!
Exceeded expectations
Beth M. says: Having only ever had one not particularly helpful fitting at a chain store I wasn't really sure what to expect here. It was a great experience. Sam was super knowledgeable about finding the right fit and how the size needed to be altered for the different brands. She made the whole process comfortable and pressure-free. She also gave me a lot of information about what to look for in a properly fitting bra and I learned about how to care for my new purchases. I know I'll be returning.
After Breast Cancer, I Feel Good About my Body Again.
Lili F. says: I have used La Lingerie in the past, and they have always been amazing. They have always had a fantastic selection of well-fitting, comfortable bras. That being said, last year, I found out, at age 30, that I had breast cancer. Since then, I've had multiple surgeries, including a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I have struggled throughout the year with self-image. Part of that was due to not having a comfortable bra (I used to only wear under-wire, and after surgeries, those were not comfortable) and something that fit properly (my size changed with surgeries). I have finally been staple in size for about a month, so I decided to head back to La Lingerie, and I was not disappointed. My fitter was very kind, and she really listened to what I wanted. It turns out that they have really pretty, comfortable bras without underwires. I could not be happier with my purchases, and I will definitely be back in the coming months. Thank you to the La Lingerie team for helping me feel better about my body after so much change!
Alicia W. says: Sam was so amazing she made me so comfortable bring a plus size woman I get nervous showing myself in front of others but she was very professional very caring and she made sure the bras I picked work great for my body type and very comfortable plus sexy....I will recommend this place to everyone and will be back soon to do more shopping!!!!!
Amazing experience!
Kirsten W. says: What an amazing experience of customer service and care! I am thrilled with the bras that I purchase and I LOVE that I have a wish list that my spouse can check out for my birthday. Thank you, all!
One of a Kind and the Best Bra Fitting in the Midwest
Olivia B. says: I had an amazing fitting at La Lingerie. Trillian was polite, extremely helpful, and really listened to what I needed. I found two bras right away that I fell in love with and added more to my wishlist. I have had other bra fittings previously in shops in Missouri, but had suffered through several years of ill-fitting bras and being unable to find anything that made me feel as beautiful as the first bra I tried on here. So many people (including me) forget the value of being truly at ease in your lingerie and deserve to have the staff at La Lingerie help them find that perfect bra. I won't be going anywhere else for my bra needs as long as they exist.
FINALLY comfortable...
Ray S. says: A wonderful treat every woman should experience. I'm finally feeling comfortable after 40 years of trying to find flattering, well-fitting bras. The bras are beautiful and worth every penny. :) The staff is so helpful and friendly - no high pressure and no judging!!
Close but I wasn't wearing the correct size!
Kellie U. says: What a great experience! I was close to the correct size but not exact. AND finally understand what the "meaning" of the cup size really is! The bra's are beautiful. Fit fantastic! Megan did a great job, made me feel comfortable while trying them all on. Can't wait for summer to go back & check out the swim suits! If you at all feel that you are not "perfect" because you are a full figure gal -- you need to go here. I left feeling "perfect" & loving my shape!
A must-have experience for all women
Breighton L. says: Such a wonderful, positive experience! Trillian was amazingly friendly, helpful, and professional. Not surprisingly, a correctly fitting bra feels wonderful compared to what I was wearing before
Best customer service- ever
Kaitlin S. says: I had my second fitting with Trillian (due to size change). She was extremely knowledgeable and super helpful. She seemed to know what I wanted before I did and kept the fitting fun. I would go back for sure. I drive from northeast wi and it is worth the drive every time.
Always a pleasure shopping at La Lingerie!
Amanda M. says: The staff here is outstanding. They really are customer oriented and listen to what you are looking for. They enjoy helping their clients and it shows! They are very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend booking a bra fitting for yourself to see what amazing things they can do for you!
Better than other stores in Madison!
Rebecca F. says: La Lingere is better than any other specialty bra store I've ever been to! Trillian was extremely knowledgeable in how to fit me and their stock. This was my first time there, and I loved it. I've been frustrated with bra selection ever since I became large busted about 10 years ago in high school/early college. When I hit that size that was never carried in regular department stores, I didn't know where to go. Even though I lived in a big city, there seemed to be no place that carried bras for all sizes. When I moved to Madison 5 years ago, I found one shop that seemed to be what I was looking for. However, their service and selection wasn't ideal with fitters that seemed rushed and didn't listen to what I was telling them. La Lingere made me feel comfortable, not rushed, and Trillian took my likes and dislikes and turned them into the perfect bra! When I asked for a tighter band to try, she came back with the tighter band and a cup size up. Unlike the other shop I had been going to that would come back with the same cup size with the smaller band (which didn't fit!), Trillian knew how a bra fits! I was a bit hesitant to go at first because of the $50 charge if you don't purchase a bra. With my experience of not finding anything I liked at other shops, I was a little worried the same would happen. But I am extremely glad I went, because I finally found a bra that fits with the help of amazing staff! Also, learning that they have a tailor that can adjust bras for only $15 was an added bonus! I will definitely be coming back again and again, and recommending La Lingere to everyone!
So many options for large busts!
Denel S. says: I have had trouble bra shopping for years due to being too large in the bust to shop at regular retail stores. I tried Contours as my first specialty shop experience and was extremely disappointed with the selection, the service, and the style of their bras. When I came to La Lingerie I was immediately in love with the privacy of the store and the coziness of the fitting rooms. I had my appointment with Trillian and she was so understanding, personable, and actually listened to what my opinions and requests were! As for the selection, I was truly amazed at how many different styles, brands, and materials they had stocked in my size! I was honestly convinced at one point that I was doomed to wear ugly granny bras for the rest of my life because all the cute ones were for women under a D-Cup. I went in looking for an everyday bra, Trillian found me just what I was looking for on the 2nd try. She showed me several others that were so cute and comfortable that I put a majority of them on my wish list to come back for. I just had my booking on Saturday and I booked another one for two weeks from now, I will always come back here! I sincerely recommend this store to anyone who is looking for a bra, period.
Best Doctor'S Note Ever
Mindy M. says: I first heard about La Lingerie from my doctor. I had mentioned my back pains and a possible breast reduction and she suggested this place. Best doctor'said note ever! I met with Megan a few years ago and was so pleased with the entire appointment - from her professionalism to knowledge. I have been back a few times now - once for nursing bras and camis and again for bikinis. Always a great experience and the best feeling walking out of there each time. Wonderful job LA Lingerie!
A great experience!
Gina E. says: My trip to La Lingerie was a Christmas gift. I had no idea it was coming and I had recently stopped wearing bras because it felt uncomfortable and unnecessary. However, my experience with Trillian was wonderful. She was super informative, listened to my needs, and found me bras that fit exactly what I was needing for this moment in my life. I am wearing one right now and it is incredibly comfortable (something I didn't think I would say about anything other than a loose sports bra). It was a great experience and I am grateful for the Christmas gift that lead me here.
Cute Bras for Large Chested Women
Talisa D. says: As soon as I walked through the front door I was treated like a princess. With hot tea in hand I was guided to a private and beautiful changing room. My fitter was extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. I tried on so many bras and generated a wish list for my upcoming purchases and wedding. The best part is that these bras are gorgeous and make me feel so sexy! This place is amazing and makes their customers feel beautiful. Thank you for all of the help!
Excellent, Professional and Not Intimidating
Deb W. says: My husband booked this appointment for me as a gift. It's something I much needed and he knew I would never book it for myself. I'm middle aged and suffering with the changes that happen with your body during menopause. I was reluctant and nervous. Well, there was nothing to be reluctant or nervous about. The staff is AMAZING!! The quality of the products are AMAZING!! The entire experience was AMAZING!! I left with such a wonderful feeling. The staff is not only kind but crazy knowledgeable about sizing, fit and in tune with what will make you feel your best. I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service as well as be returning myself. Thank you for your patience and professionalism. It means more than words can say.
Great Experience !
Dawn K. says: I have been fitted for a bra before, but the experience was not what it was here! We all know how awful it is to go bra shopping! After about the 5th bra I have tried on I am sweating like I just got done running. I am sick of continuously taking my shirt and bra off because I can only bring in 6 garments at a time. I don't know if the bra fits correct or if it is the right bra for me. I end up getting the same old bra and walking out of the store like no one cared. BUT!!! A totally different experience at La Lingerie! The one on one attention, the knowledge the fitter has, the room set up, the attention to detail, all was an AWESOME experience. I LOVE my bras and I will be going back for more. You definitely get what you pay for. It is soooo worth it! Thank you La Lingerie for wonderful bra fitting!! I recommend it to anyone. Dawn K.
Rebecca b. says: I have never had a bra fitted before and wow what a difference a good fit can make! I am so happy I went to La Lingerie and they will definitely be my go to place for lingerie.
Your breast bet!
Erika N. says: high end boutique caters to every woman's inner beauty. What you wear underneath your clothes can make you feel a certain way. We all know how great it is to whip your bra off the second you're home because it's been poking you and gradually unsupportive throughout the day. You won't want to take off these beauties! The staff works with you personally (book an appointment online) to suit your needs. They carry bras, panties, sexy soft lacy items, the comfiest yet still sexy pjs, high quality swimwear ... they have quite a range of products, and many French lingerie lines. The best is that they also have every size. They cater to your curves, whether you're naturally ample or could use a boost! :) It's run by Katherine, whose praises I could sing all day. She's involved in the body positivity movement and empowers her customers, fans and employees. Each fitter is extremely knowledgeable - you're always in capable hands there! It's a classy establishment. Don't expect to pay Target prices - it is expensive but for a good reason. They only sell the best quality and it will last if you care properly for the garments. They stand behind their products. You can keep a wish list there too - perhaps leaving a suggestion for someone special to get you a gift you truly want. You won't regret treating yourself, whether you want something for your wedding night, a special occasion or everyday wear. They have you covered and feeling special, inside and out.
Always a delightful experience!
Cindy T. says: I always thought I had an odd size, being a 34E, with one breast fuller than the other. The shelf bra works best, but everyone is so knowledgeable and understands why they work best, and other options that would also work, again, its the fuller one that make this so. What I love best, is that when I am going to buy new smooth cup bras, they are not just boring unsexy nude bras. They are comfortable, and beautiful. Cannot wait for a swimsuit fitting next spring...which I am sure I will pick out a couple new bras! New strapless will be a must! Thank you ladies for such a warm, safe and inviting environment. Bra shopping used to be worse the jean shopping for me, now, it is one of the best experiences!
Nursing bras for the win!
Molly S. says: I'm a returning client, but met with Megan yesterday to get fitted for nursing bras. Having recently had my first baby, I wanted some quality, well fitting nursing bras. I was AMAZED at the difference I noticed comparing nursing bras from Motherhood Maternity to bras from La Lingerie. I was also surprised that the prices were not that much different....I would highly recommend La Lingerie for your nursing bra needs!
Better Than Ever
Mary Lee R. says: I have been a customer for a while...first time at the original store on Johnson St. Megan assisted me today. She did a fabulous job......pulling styles after expertly taking my measurements. It is a pampered feeling to have bras brought in to fitting room and have help with adjusting straps, etc. No matter one's age or body type, each customer is made to feel important. Being able to have an entire hour for fitting is always wonderful. I had an additional need at this appointment for a supportive panty. Megan brought in several styles for me to try until I found one that worked perfectly. Thanks to Megan and La Lingerie!
Worth the drive!
Sarah A. says: I drove over from the Twin Cities on the recommendation of friend, and combined this wonderful lingerie experience with a girls weekend. It was great! I brought my bras home, did as recommended and wore them for a little while to make sure fit was as excellent at home. I ended up returning one type, as it didn't quite work out, but kept all the other lovely styles! I LOVED that suggestion, because then I didn't end up with something that seemed good at the store, but I was unhappy with later. The fitting itself was excellent! Modest, they have this amazing way of doing most of the work for you, which kept my spirits up as we went through the zillions of bras! I was thrilled at how many options existed in my size. I saw the real difference when I came home and had to wash my new bras, and used an old one - and I thought, "this is terrible, why do I own this?". I am thrilled and will be making it an annual trip!
Allison M. says: I can't remember the last time I was able to try on so many bras in my size in one place! I haven't felt this comfortable in my bras in far too long.
Pleasantly Surprised!
Gabrielle P. says: I hear about La Lingerie from a friend and I'm glad I did! I am considered a full-figured woman, so you can imagine the things I go through to find bras in my size that are comfortable. I would often go to the same big box store and always be disappointed because I would spend so much and the bras would last me maybe a good six months if I was lucky. I also struggled with the fact that every time I wore one of my bras, it just didn't feel right. I really appreciate that La Lingerie WANTS women to know how a bra should fit and what it should feel like. Megan was so friendly and made me feel like I was talking to someone that I had known forever! The experience was great and I can't stop telling other women how grateful I am that I found such a great place like La Lingerie. I will NEVER go back to the big box store, especially not for my lingerie needs anymore. I can't wait to go back for my wishlist items! Thank you La Lingerie!!
Amazing Service
Jennifer O. says: I wish all my friends and family could experience La Lingerie. The staff here are incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I've been fitted at a few other stores, and they didn't come close to the professional level of these wonderful women. The bras do cost more than the ones you'd buy in a department store, but it's worth it to finally have something that fits perfectly. The only reason I didn't give five stars is that I wish there were more styles that fit just right.
Beyond Expectations!
Melissa T. says: I had my appointment a few weeks ago with Megan. I have been to similar places in the past or so I thought. I wasn't sure what to quite expect since I had never needed an appointment at any other place. This was an great experience. She was so very helpful. It was great to have her one one one attention. I have never tried on so many bras either. I also have never seen that much of differences in bras on myself before. She is very good at her job and knew what would look great on me. I would definitely go back to her again in the future.
Wonderful service as always
Kathy R. says: Thank you so much for being here!
Exceeded my expectations!
Kathy G. says: Buying bras is normally a dreaded chore. I can try on dozens of bras in department stores and walk away frustrated even after being fitted for size. Nothing seems to fit. My experience with Megan was outstanding. She calmly listened to my concerns and very patiently provided her suggestions. I must have tried on 30 plus bras. I loved many of them and they fit beautifully. I could have easily purchased ten of them. Thank goodness for the wish list! Also, I love the La Lingerie space. It is very warm, quiet, and inviting. I felt very comfortable. It felt great to step away from everything during my time there and focus on something just for me. You made my day!! Thank you.
Super Awesome
Briony B. says: I recently decided to try La Lingerie after a friend heavily recommended them to me. I have always been very large chested and while I do have a specialty bra shop near me, they are always extremely busy. Think at least four women trying to be fitted with only one consultant. My interest was piqued when my friend said that La Lingerie does appointments only and you receive a full hour with your consultant. I’m currently nearing my 7 month in pregnancy and needed one more bra to get me to the end of my pregnancy. I ended up being assigned to Megan. Megan was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease. She even educated me on why my bra was fitting the way it was. She ended up bringing me about 7-8 bras to try on. What is even more admirable was that she encouraged me to only buy 1 bra, as we did not how know how big my breasts would be once I had my baby. Being open to different styles, I told Megan to bring anything she thought I would look good in. One bra was completely different from anything I ever tried on before. Initially, I thought it made me look like I was from the 1950s. However, Megan explained to me how bra was designed and that it actually gives the illusion of a smaller chest. I’m normally a 30F. Anything, especially now that I’m pregnant, that makes the girls look smaller makes me happy. She encouraged me try on my shirt. I was blown away. They did look smaller. The bra does have seam across the nipple part, but I didn’t care. The girls looked good! Overall, I was very impressed with the service and attention provided. An assistant continued helping me while I browsed (unfortunately, I forgot her name. She did have very long brown hair), and Megan even took a moment to help me with underwear. I ended up leaving with a bra, panties, and a maternity sleeping bra. I have already declared that I will be back!
Just Divine
Taylor F. says: Megan is an amazing fitter and made me feel comfortable and taken care of! Wonderful selection, incredible staff!! Wouldn't go anywhere else!!
Awesome experience, Again!
Liz S. says: My daughter with a very large cup size and I have been coming here for over 2 years. We just had a swim suit fitting and it went very well. My daughter is 15 so our fitter got young and basic styles including value priced bottoms. What could have easily been an awkward hour went so fast. Fitter was kind, helpful and knowledgable. Our family is on a budget but I have no problem paying these prices because the bras and suits help my daughter feel confidant and pulled together. Fitter also offered us a slight discount when the inside liner of the suit we decided on was beginning to unravel on the serged seam. She also made it so it would not unravel anymore and said to bring it in if there were any problems as the seamstress was not there at that time. We have tried other places and this is simply the best place with the best staff and products that work.
Good, not great
Chelsey B. says: I recently had an appointment with Alison for a bra fitting after nursing my baby for almost a year. I am pretty large chested and have trouble finding bras in the store that give me the fit and support that I need. Alison made me feel comfortable and I appreciated the personalized service. However, I wasn't very impressed with the overall selection of bras that I tried on. She did a wonderful job finding bras that fit me well and gave me good support; but, the shape that 95% of the bras gave to my boobs was awful. Most of them left me looking like I had cone shaped boobs - super pointy and made me look like my grandma! Many of the bras also had a seam across the middle of the cup which was obviously visible with a shirt on. I prefer a much smoother cup. The seam again made me feel I was wearing my grandmother's bra. Maybe they just don't make much for a smooth seamless cup in my size. Alison did also want me to try on a strapless bra and a sports bra. I did end up loving the sports bra but found that the strapless didn't fit great either. I also bought 2 of the everyday bras because I desperately need new ones! I am hopeful that I will be happy with them but I wasn't as impressed with their selection as I was hoping to be.
Karen T. says: I went in for a bra fitting, it was a wonderful experience. Trillian was very professional. She brought in so many bras for me to try on and was very knowledgable in the fitting of each bra. It was wonderful to try on so many bras that fit and were comfortable. Highly recommend for everybody to go to.
Very impressed and will go back
Lynn L. says: My experience was extremely positive. As others have said, the service is excellent and professional. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured to buy anything. I learned that I have been buying the wrong size bras my whole life! I tried on probably two dozen bras and purchased four. Then I went home and weeded out the many ill-fitting bras I had in my drawer. Now I only wear the ones I bought at La Lingerie and I'm looking forward to going back to buy another color soon.
To all women who want to look and feel beautiful, La Lingerie is a MUST!
Paige L. says: It was my first experience with La Lingerie and after hearing from friends and even reading all the great reviews, I never expect perfection but boy was I very wrong. From the impressive location of the store front to its sales staff, I was throughly impressed with the privacy, professionalism and the overall image. I was treated like a VIP and felt so comfortable with the process. I felt beautiful with each item that were suggested even with my initial apprehension with certain styles I was so comfortable I decided to even purchase it! I had so much fun that it was absurd that 90 minutes just flew by! Megan, my fitter was amazing and was so knowledgeable about what looked good with my body type and I did not feel pressured whatsoever. Each item presented was very beautiful so deciding what to buy from my pile of "must haves" was very difficult. Although the wish list will make it easy for next time. Yes there will be a next time because I don't believe I can ever go back to the malls or department stores for this kind of service or selection. La Lingerie, you now have a customer for life! Thank you thank you for such an amazing and fun time! Can't wait to go back!
Good, but not great
Sarah S. says: Thank you very much for the fitting. I had a good time, and appreciated the time and the options. However, I found that although you had a wide selection of demi/balconette style bras, there was a lack of plunge style bras. Even after trying on what must have been 25 bras, I only found 1 or 2 that were kind of comfortable, and even then neither of them I found to be extremely comfortable. The staff were obviously lovely and knowledgable, but I didn't come out feeling like I had found bras that fitted me exactly the way I wanted them to. I would request that they stock more bras from Freya/Cleo if possible and possibly more brands and a wider variety of styles. Thanks!
Janis C. says: I have been going to Katherine at La Lingerie for the past five years for all my lingerie and swimsuit needs. Katherine continues to be a top notch professional, and has never disappointed me. Trillian was my fitter for my swimsuit appointment. My fitting with Trillian was very excellent, and she is a true professional. I expected to purchase a tankini set, but I ended up purchasing both a tankini set and a bikini, plus a robe. I haven't worn a bikini in over 30 years, and I didn't think I could ever wear one again at my age. But the bikini Trillian fitted on me was very flattering, and the fit was perfect! Thank you Katherine and Trillian!
Great experience
Jenn D. says: The staff is super knowledgeable put you at ease. They help you understand what the important aspects of a good fitting bra are as well as how to take care of them. I walked out with two gorgeous and beautiful. And they have a great selection of nursing brawls as well. Thank you so much.
Simply Wonderful!
Jenny B. says: This was my first fitting at La Lingerie. Allison helped with my appointment and she was terrific! Finally done with nursing and in serious need of a pretty lift, Allison helped me find beautiful and supportive bras along with a much needed side of giggles! I highly recommend La Lingerie.....the staff is wonderful and the bras are beautiful!
Empowering, positive experience
Emily R. says: I had a baby about nine months ago and after all of the body changes, needed some new undergarments -- I haven't really felt comfortable in bras since getting pregnant. Trillian was amazing. She re-fit me and helped me find a few pretty nursing bras (something I thought was an oxymoron), an everyday bra, and even a swimsuit that is not only cute and unique, but one I actually feel comfortable in. I am so glad I took the time to come in and be fitted. La Lingerie has an enormous selection in all sizes. I look forward to my return visit - there are now several items on my wish list. Highly recommended!
Horray for no backache!
Elle K. says: Katherine was amazing! I am usually very self-conscious about my body, but I felt accepted and sooo comfortable! Thank you, thank you! I will definitely come back again!
Happy as Slways
Ellen P. says: I was very pleased with my visit. The ladies always make me feel at home and very comfortable. Buying lingerie is much easier with La Lingerie. and it is well worth the money to be professionally fitted.
Debra C. says: I am a small woman (30") with big boobs....This is THE PLACE to go! I would recommend to anyone---don't bother going to a dept store, or anywhere else for a fitting. Just go to La Lingerie, and you will be a happy girl.
Thank Goodness!!!
Michelle S. says: Thank Goodness I was referred to La Lingerie. I have been so frustrated by bra shopping my whole life. I now have the right size - it's comfortable AND pretty. Thank you so much!!!
Great Experience!
Niccole C. says: This is my second time at La Lingerie, and I specifically went it to be fitted for a bathing suit. I had low expectations, for I am amazingly picky, and overall am not a huge fan of needing to wear (let alone purchase) a bathing suit. Megan was delightful, and encouraged me to try different styles that I would have never had to courage to try before, and as a result I purchased a lovely suit that I cannot wait to wear. I highly recommend La Lingerie to anyone in need of a new bra, or a bathing suit!
Great fitting experience
Kj W. says: I love that the more often I've come in for fittings, the easier it is to find those bras that are most likely to fit me well. They keep track of what I've bought and my wish list. I always have several options, which is not always true for plus sized women.
Great fitting experience
Kj W. says: I love that the more often I've come in for fittings, the easier it is to find those bras that are most likely to fit me well. They keep track of what I've bought and my wish list. I always have several options, which is not always true for plus sized women.
I never knew I could Love bra shopping!
Meghan M. says: This place is fantastic. I'm small-chested and spent my life feeling like bras just never quite fit right. I was very intimidated about this place because it was appointment-only, but it was great! Megan is great at finding a variety of options and styles and honest about which ones fit well. She had me try on one bra I never would have picked up and now it's my absolute favorite! There's no pressure, and lots of options that Really fit well and are beautifully designed. I used to dread bra-shopping and now it's a treat!
Fun and Fabulous!
Michelle J. says: What a great place. I used to dread bra and swim suit shopping, but they made it fun. You feel pampered and special. Much nicer dressing room and overall experience than and the rushed unhelpful experience like I had at Victoria's Secrets my last visit. So many fun swim suits that actually fit! Can't wait until I need a new bra.
Always a great experience
Gi V. says: I feel like I've written a review before, but I'll do it again. (yes, I've gone to them several times - first real bra fitting, my wedding trousseau, and, most recently,swimsuits). La Lingerie is great. The past few times I've gone I've had Allison fit me and her attention to what styles of undergarments (and now swimsuits) is great. I don't feel like I'm rushed. The first time I went I was a bit skeptical because I thought, "really...what can they do that other lingerie places don't already do or have?" And then I saw prices and winced a bit. Turns out it's all worth it. They teach you how bras should fit, what you should look for, and certain techniques that should be done (like scooping) before you finally look at yourself to see how the bra fits. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but for that amount I'll gladly pay for the ones that make me super happy and fit me very well. Same for the swimsuits. I bought my first tankini from them and it was a great experience as well. And they do what many other lingerie stores don't: sincerely tell you how they feel about how a product fits you. Doesn't fit right? They'll tell you the piece is cute but, yes, it doesn't have a good fit, and if they have something similar to it if you love the detail on the product. None of that, "oh that looks great on you!" stuff if the piece doesn't fit/look the way it's supposed to. I have several pieces from them that all fit great a little more than a year later. Looking forward to my next appointment!
Finally wearing a bra that fits!
Andrea B. says: After having a baby and finishing nursing, I decided to treat myself to a new bra or two. Turns out I've never worn the correct size! What a delight to have a real professional help me find something that fits like a dream. And they have a 15% off 1 bra (the most expensive!) discount for students. As my stylist said, "Students need bras that fit too!"
Pam S. says: Never had a bra fitting before and my daughters told me what a difference a well fit bra was. They were right! It made me fell sexy and comfortable at the same time. No sales pushing by the staff and you have plenty of time to figure out what styles you like. My problem was I liked almost all of them! I will definitely be back to get more. Thanks La Lingerie!
Great service!
Gemma V. says: I'd never been to La Lingerie before, and my mom recommended it to me. It was a very positive experience for me. Alison helped me find the right size bra for me, and was very receptive to my feedback and gave her honest opinion about what she thought looked good. She was also very good at remembering which items we put in the "maybe" and "no" piles. As a larger woman I have always hated bra shopping because I could never find anything that fit. La Lingerie has sizes in almost everything, and anything they don't have in stock they will order for you. I felt very comfortable during the fitting and not so self-conscious about my body. I would highly recommend this place to any woman of any size!
Amazing Service!
Courtney J. says: SO amazed by how intentional, kind, and serving the staff at La Lingerie are. My first appointment was so comfortable, inviting, and fun! I would recommend them to anyone!
Best birthday present
Katrina P. says: I am a 34D, in my 20's and bra shopping has never been particularly difficult. La Lingerie made it FUN, though! I got to try on more bras than I ever would have on my own- 35 + vs maybe 3. And I ended up leaving with two perfect "everyday" bras, but with at least 6 items on my wishlist. My fitter Alison was awesome, the staff was great, selection incredible. As it was a b-day present from my boyfriend, we had plenty of time to decide what we wanted to get and talk prices- in private. No pushing or up selling. I had heard of this place before and assumed it was unaffordable- but bras there are comparable to a non-sale Macy's bra, plus you get the treatment of a princess! Ladies, your ladies deserve this- don't think of it as a "treat" but as a necessary purchase!
Strapless Foundation garments for a 44-yr-old bridesmaid
Molly W. says: I cannot state enough how painless it was to get fitted for and walk away with PERFECT foundation garments for a bridesmaid dress. I was feeling 100% less than confident about wearing a beautiful, but delicate dress, to a wedding and had visions of hugging relatives or my child grabbing me and the whole thing crumbling with me being left totally exposed. No more! I made an appt online, received confirmation for the next day, went in and Alison found me a number of strapless bras and shapeware to choose from and explained the pros and cons of each. I ended up purchasing the sample bra Alison brought for sizing because it was that perfect, right off the bat. Will definitely go back.
I have happy boobs!
Abby S. says: This was my second time going into La Lingerie and for the second time it did not disappoint. I have a large chest and have always had a hard time finding anything that fits appropriately. I literally think I cried the first time I left being so happy that I finally found someplace that gets me. They take the time with you but also give you space to decide what works for you without pressure to choose something or pick something you aren't completely happy with. I will continue to go back and always know that I will get great service no matter who takes care of me! Thank you staff for making my boobs happy!
Cait R. says: I had such a great experience at La Lingerie! Not only did I find some amazing bras, I found a swim suit I loved. That never happens! I rarely hit more than one mark on a shopping trip. Megan was very attentive and helpful and knew exactly what I was looking for. I'll definitely be back :)
Loved It!
Jenny R. says: I was very pleased at how professional the staff was and how much they cared. I loved that they took time to make sure I found the correct bra and the woman who helped me even got a second opinion which showed me she cared about getting it right. Walked away with beautiful bras. Thank you!
Kristen B. says: I have always had trouble finding a bra that fits right and had found nothing that fits right after 2+ years of nursing. I walked away with a few bras that are comfortable and fit me perfectly.
Very helpful
Jamie E. says: I needed a nursing bra and had failed to find a good fit myself via ordering online. The fitting was very efficient and resulted in finding a bra with a great fit. The entire fitting and the bra were less expensive that the ones I had been trying to buy online. Much appreciated!
As always, a lovely experience
Marlena H. says: I am always so pleased with the staff and products at La Lingerie. I walked away with just what I needed.
Well worth the drive
Katie V. says: I am generally not a shopper, but as I had recently lost weight and knew my bras were the wrong size, I thought this was a great opportunity to have this done. I learned so much about how bras are sized, about how they work, and about how they are supposed to fit! I am so grateful that I did this for myself as it didn't feel like I was lost in a sea of 100s of products that I was guessing about. I had someone who was helping me figure out what worked best for my body. This was well worth my time to drive from out of state and have this great experience!
Expert Help
MK T. says: My first fitting at La Lingerie was a great experience. In general I don't like shopping, but I had a good time there. I was expecting knowledgeable assistance in selecting a new bra, but I was not expecting to start off with a getting-to-know you chat. We transitioned smoothly from there into trying on the first few bras, and it was so good to have everything I tried on either fit or be very close to fitting. At the end of the hour I had 7 or 8 bras with a reasonably good fit to choose from, instead of only having 1 or 2 that might work, which is what I was expecting. They go out of their way to make the process as easy as possible and to keep your budget and style preferences in mind. I'm looking forward to going back in a month or two when I've saved up enough for my next new bra.
This experience put fittings at upscale department store Nordstrom to shame!
Peggy T. says: This was the best bra-fitting experience I've ever had. I worked with Alison, who was professional and discrete as well as informative (I learned a lot about bra fit and how to properly put one on, and I've been wearing one for 18 years!); I felt very comfortable and secure, not at all self-conscious. She really took my personal bra needs into consideration. We must have gone through at least 20 items very quickly, but it was not awkward or stressful. She helped me decide "yes" or "no" on every item right away, and at the end laid out all of the "yes" items neatly on a table and gave me plenty of time on my own to re-try all of them. I'm amazed that there is no extra fee for this delightful experience (besides the purchase of a bra, ranging $50-150). I love the wishlist, where they keep track of items that fit well or that I liked but didn't purchase today (they can use that for customers, as well as to help spouses and significant others with gift-giving!).
Thank you!
Kathleen T. says: Trillian was knowledgeable and patient. I've been wearing bras for over 40 years, and still learned something. I love the 2 bras that I ended up choosing, and feel that the fit and support is better than anything I've had before. I didn't expect that it would also make me feel pretty!
A bit disappointed
Shelley P. says: Finding and buying a bra that fits is always unpleasant and difficult. Megan was wonderful and very helpful - took the chore out of trying on bras! I am difficult to fit as I have round shoulders and the straps always fall down. I was hoping to find that perfect bra. It was disappointing not to be able to try any racer back styles. I did find only one bra that was comfortable and I thought would keep the straps in place. But still have problems with the straps after wearing it for awhile. Do wish that I had not ordered a second one. I do love the three pair of beautiful underpants!
A Great Experience
Mandy C. says: I was shocked to find several bras that fit and were flattering. I'm on the smaller side and came away feeling happy with the entire experience. I will definitely be back as I have lots on my wish list. Thank you La Lingerie!
My first, but not my last visit
Peggy R. says: Thanks Megan! You were terrific. My experience was better than I could imagine. I was instructed for the first time into what to look for when being fitted into a bra. I feel I've never had the right fit and now I'm looking forward to wearing my three new bras, one for exercise, one foe everyday & one for those special occasions. Every woman should have this opportunity!
It doesn't hurt a bit!
Pam B. says: I have always equated bra shopping with painful dental procedures, like a root canal. For my birthday this year I asked my fiancé to give me the gift of a bra fitting. Trillian was wonderful to work with, and I came away with two beautiful bras that fit perfectly. The prices were more than a department store on sale, but the comfort level and knowledge they will last much longer makes it well worth it. I will be back!
A business you can count on!
Maribeth W. says: I have been shopping at La Lingerie since 2013, and I have never been happier. I used to dread bra shopping, but with the fitters at La Lingerie I know they will not let you leave with anything other than the perfect bra for you. And let's not forget that finding the perfect bra, or even a decent one for a busty girl like me is almost impossible. La Lingerie's selection is great, and I have finally been able to find cute/sexy bras in my size. It's nice to know that you can still pamper yourself and feel sexy as a busty girl. I don't live too close to Madison, but I make the trip when I need to get new bras. It is worth it. Now I actually look forward to bra shopping! Thanks, ladies!
Great little boutique
Kevin S. says: This was a surprise fitting for my wife and she loved it. Fantastic boutique for women's lingerie. Staff interactions were very professional and discreet. The only reason I knocked one star off was for the attire of the staff. I would have expected a boutique store with quality women's wear to have a more professional attire, not yoga pants or skinny jeans. Would recommend to any important ladies in your life.
Best possible way to purchase lingerie!
Stephanie J. says: I've been shopping at this store almost from the beginning. It's totally changed the way I look at fitting my body, and given me a new appreciation of the art of lingerie. While I haven't purchased swimwear, sleepwear - only bras - just that ALONE is enough reason to shop there. They have the best European brands, which you can't find in department stores, and the fit - ooo la la! Lovely!! Thank you!
Elizabeth C. says: A returning customer so I thought 30 min would do the trick. My 30 minute fitting with Megan left me wanting more. She was so patient, and truly wonderful not rushing me even though I took more like an hour and 15 min. of her time. I left with 2 bra and panty sets, as well as 2 more bras, feeling very happy and sexy! Megan is fantastic!
Wonderful Experience
Emily K. says: I had a wonderful fitting with Trillian for my first time at La Lingerie. I had been at my wit's end trying to find nursing bras that actually supported and fit me properly, and I was able to walk out with two that fit the bill. I'll definitely be back again!
Clare S. says: The staff was very kind and helpful. It was wonderful to find and walk away with a couple bras that fit, after looking everywhere!! They were sort of pricey, but were the going rate for bras in my size from anywhere, so really can't complain about that.
Pat S. says: As in the past a very professional yet delightful fiting. Katherine knows how to fit a woman! Will continue to buy her products!
Very pleased!
Cathy J. says: Thanks so much, Katherine, for your wonderful and knowledgeable help in finding such comfortable and well-fitting bras for me. I'll definitely return!
Amazing experience! Don't hesitate!
Margaret L. says: Trillian was wonderful. She helped make this a great experience by listening to what I was looking for, educating me about out why certain bras didn't fit me well, and helping me select some great pieces. She took all of the guess-work out of shopping and I walked away with three perfect bras.This was my second time in the store--I went years between visits, which was far too long. I won't be waiting so long for my next visit!
Lovely experience!
Bobbie H. says: I should have done this long ago! Megan made the experience so comfortable and fun. I left with two bras and a slip and I'll be back for more. So many beautiful things, and the ladies at La Lingerie are supportive and friendly and professional.
Never disappointed!!
Deb T. says: Went in yesterday and saw Katherine, I never, ever feel weird or uncomfortable with her at all. I seriously don't know what I would do without her!! Thanks Katherine!!!!!! :)
Carolyn J. says: La Lingerie is the place to go if you want to get a bra that really fits. I had bought 2 back in March and test wore them for a few days. One fit great and the other just didn't sit quite right. I returned it (with tags on) and got store credit. On this August visit, I met with the same fitter and tried on several different bras. Found one that fit and it's a keeper :) Yes, the bras and the service that comes with a proper fitting all cost a bit more and I think it's a worthy investment for something you wear daily.
Laurel H. says: I was worried that a personal bra fitting would be awkward, but Trillian made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. She brought me many different options to try on and explained why each one fit me well or poorly. It was so refreshing to have not just one but *dozens* of beautiful choices in my very small band size, which I can rarely find in department stores. The hardest part was deciding which ones to ultimately buy! The hardest part was deciding which of the beautiful bras to actually buy.
About Time!
Lynn P. says: I am 62 years old and I have never had a bra fitting before. How I wish I would have done this sooner, it would have saved me money and disappointment with my bra choices in the past. Megan was so helpful. I never felt rushed and each bra she brought me was more beautiful than the next. I walked out with three new bras and a smile on my face. Thank you.
Finally a bra that fits!
Jean U. says: Every woman should treat herself to a bra fitting at La Lingerie. I am 57 years old and have never had a bra that fit me until today. Megan made me feel comfortable. She was informative and took the time to help me find the best fit. It was a great experience.
Laurie K. says: I had a great experience. I learned a great deal about bras and how they should fit! The staff is very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. I love my new bra and panties and can't wait to go back! thanks!
Finally - an enjoyable bra shopping experience!
Jenna H. says: I hate shopping for bras, and I can never seem to find anything that fits properly. My experience at La Lingerie was completely the opposite! Megan was excellent, she was friendly and knowledgeable and honest. I'm so happy with the bras that I brought home, and I can't wait to go back and pick up some of my wish list items!
How Every Business Should Be
Colleen S. says: Every one of my visits to La Lingerie has been a pleasant one. The entire experience-- from booking an appointment to buying a swimsuit and bra-- was top notch. The staff are welcoming and friendly and never make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. There are so many thoughtful details put into how La Lingerie is run and it is obvious they care about the consumer experience. Thanks, ladies!!
Best experience a lady could ask for.
Valerie H. says: I HATE bra shopping, so I wanted to try something different. I'm so glad I did. Megan was fantastic. She was honest, helpful, and simply fun to talk with as she walked me through a wide variety of options. I found several bras I loved (a miracle in itself) and even better, when I wore my new purchases, they felt *amazing* all day long. I really appreciate that La Lingerie tracks all of my information to make repeat purchases, or receiving gifts, easier. In short, worth every minute and every penny. Oh yeah, speaking of pennies,I was a little fearful that the price point of the bras would be too high, but I was pleasantly surprised and found the cost reasonable. Also, I really dislike high pressure sales experiences, and was worried I'd be pressured into buying things. Not so at all! If you're looking for not just a bra, but a comfortable, functional, and dare I say fashionable addition to your wardrobe, go to La Lingerie.
A relief for this plus size lady
Brenda C. says: I am not quite used to my plus size body yet ( health problems including undiagnosed hypothyroidism have resulted in a recent rapid weight gain) and I was very nervous to have a fitting. Katherine made me feel beautiful at any size, and helped me find bras that fit me now, even as I work on weight watchers for the present and future. What a relief!
Glad to have you in town
Erin Y. says: I have a very hard time finding bras in my size, the only thing is I wish there were more styles available in my size 32I which I know is not easy. Thanks again!
Great service, lots of choices, feel supported!
Anna R. says: I had a fantastic time getting fitted for some new bras. Katherine was energetic and persistent and made me comfortable. I found some new brands that I had never tried because I was unsure and glad I did. I now have a few more options for my size.
Wonderful experience!
Julia H. says: I am a new mom who has been living in nursing sleep bras around the house. Since I am returning to work, I knew I needed some better foundation pieces and so I setup a fitting with La Lingerie. I am so glad I did! I had a really great fitting experience with Megan. She explained what I should be looking for in a bra that fits well and especially in regards to a nursing bra. I walked out with some really comfortable and great looking nursing bras. I will definitely be returning when I am done nursing to be fitted again.
Perfect for pregnancy/nursing moms!
Anna H. says: Such a great experience. I finally have nursing bras that fit! I also bought some loungewear, and I haven't been this comfortable at night for a long time. They have tons of great products for nursing moms, and are so helpful in telling you how your size might change. Will be going back!
Great experience!
Kris L. says: This was my second appointment and it was just as nice as the first. Prior to La Lingerie, I had never had a proper bra fitting. After a frustrating attempt at a department store, where they rushed me through and tried to put me in the wrong size, it was a luxury to have an appointment with such a skilled and attentive staff. The bras aren't inexpensive, but it's worth the investment to walk out with perfectly fitted, beautiful, comfortable undergarments.
So satisfied!
Lauren A. says: Awesome customer and they weren't pushy at all on buying a bra, they made me feel comfortable and welcome. I would recommend this store to any woman I know!
Anna N. says: I have never had such personal and helpful service when bra shopping! Best bra purchases I have ever made. I would recommend La Lingerie to all my girlfriends.
Always a pleasure!
Caroline S. says: Kind helpful staff who listen to what you need. I do go anywhere else!
Maternity growth explained
Courtney B. says: First time in this boat in prepping for baby and learning what a challenge my chest poses. The staff at La Lingerie was very helpful in explaining what I might be in for and helping me to choose a best course of action for both comfort and beauty. I really appreciated the care and attention to that and I feel confident that treating the ladies well now will help for when baby is here. I will definitely go back once I've entered the next phase.
Colleen c. says: My first experience here was awesome. I left the appointment with the most beautiful bra and panty sets I have have worn! I love them and it feels exciting to put them on each morning. My time with Katherine was lovely, relaxed, and fun. She really knows her stuff, totally took care of me, and gave me a pampering experience. I of course will be back!
What a Great Experience!
Elizabeth J. says: I went in really needing regular, strapless, and sports bras. Trillian was wonderful, and even extended my appointment in order to help me find everything I needed. She also brought in well over 30 bras for me to try on to help me get the perfect fit. I also love that they have wish lists, so it's easy to know what fits for next time.
Beautiful bras in my size!
Deirdre M. says: I have been to many stores and have spent way too much money on bras that don't fit And I'm constantly having to adjust. And then a friend recommended la lingerie!! Wonderful, patient staff who make you feel beautiful!! I'm so excited that there are so many options in my size. I have been fitted here for bras that have seen me through my pregnancy, nursing days, and after, as well as swimsuits and am never going anywhere else! The staff make the process effortless when shopping for a bra used to be so stressful!
Love La Lingerie!
Pearl M. says: This was my second visit to La Lingerie and I would highly recommend it to my chesty sisters! I visited specifically to find a strapless bra and a swimsuit in my size (36Gish). Trillian found a strapless bra for me pretty quickly, and was very patient in helping me try on over 20 swimsuits until I found the right one. I always come to La Lingerie for my specialty undergarment needs!
Simply Wonderful
Giselle V. says: This was my second fitting with La Lingerie and it was just as wonderful as the first. My first fitting had me trying on many many different types of bras and while I walked out with 3 new beautiful bras, I enjoyed the lesson I received when it comes to bras and their fits. This second appt was for bridal lingerie. I ended up going with a familiar bra but in a different color. I keep forgetting the names of the ladies' who helped me, but I believe the first lady was Katherine....she was very patient, helpful, and efficient. And the same can be said about the young lady who helped me during this last fitting. I really do particularly like how they teach their clients about bra fits rather than just have us try on bras and tell us "no" or "yes" without telling us why. I don't know how long I'll be in Madison for, but this really does help a lot. I'm excited to go back...maybe for a swim suit fit!
Swimsuit fitting
Laura B. says: I cannot believe I found a suit that fits, looks great and is very comfortable in 40 minutes; it's so helpful to have staff who know your size and knows the products. and it's made in the usa. thank you so much. I spent more than 40 minutes trying to figure out suits and sizing on regular store's websites before I gave up and booked with LaLingerie.
I didn't know it could be so great!
Emily S. says: I had my fitting with Megan on Wednesay at 1030. I was absolutely shocked when we got out of the store and it was almost noon! It was such an amazing experienced to not only be fitted but educated on the fit and really taught how to properly wear a bra. I have large breasts and am plus size. I was very nervous that I would feel uncomfortable and they wouldn't have anything for me. I was so happy with the selection they had (HUGE SELECTION) but also how beautiful the bras and Megan really made me feel. I felt like a beautiful woman at the end and the new bra made me look like I had even lost weight bc my breasts weren't smooshed and wrong! I bought 2 beautiful lace bras, an incredible sports bra and ordered one smooth front bra. I'm so happy. And with the free shipping I will for sure be buying up my wish list eventually!
Joyce B. says: Great service. I am difficult to fit and Katherine did a wonderful job finding something that would work and even referred me to another store. That is going above and beyond expectations.
Do it now!
Cait T. says: I am kicking myself for waiting so long to set up an appointment, now that I have beautiful bras that fit perfectly I can't believe I ever lived w/out them. I went home and immediately threw out every bra I previously owned. The staff was all incredibly kind and knowledgable and made what could have been an awkward experience anything but. They seem to truly care about finding what is right for you and also aren't afraid to say when something is wrong, which I appreciate. I look forward to whittling away at my gigantic wish list!
Excellent Shopping Experience
Kathleen M. says: I drove several hours for my appointment and I was not disappointed. Megan was wonderful, made trying on the merchandise fun. My weakness is beautiful lingerie and I had a quite a selection to choose from - all quality garments. It was time and money well spent. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for beautiful, sexy lingerie that fits perfect! Thanks.
A Totally "Uplifting" Experience
Katherine D. says: Katherine was welcoming and made me feel at ease instantly. Her excellent customer service, attention to detail and expertise was very much appreciated. I was a bit nervous at first but I felt like a queen when I left wearing my new gorgeous, comfortable bra...now that I know what my correct size is I cannot wait to come back!
Great Experience!
RIta L. says: The woman who helped me was very knowledgeable, efficient, and I was very comfortable trying garments with her there. She put me at ease, and I was amazed at the quality of the product. I honestly liked everything I tried on. I will definitely be back!
Incredible staff, gorgeous store, fabulous service!
Taylor F. says: I am so honored to have had the experience I did yesterday at La Lingerie. I was treated with kindness, respect, and with a true concern for my comfort and well-being in mind. Katherine put my needs first, and found the most beautiful lingerie that fit me like it was built custom made! I have never truly known my size, nor have I been wearing appropriate undergarments to fit my body, and the staff at La Lingerie took my situation with grace and confidence. I have never felt so comfortable and empowered in lingerie in my life, and I thank you very much!
I Love La Lingerie!
Lili F. says: This was my third visit to La Lingerie, and I still cannot say one bad thing about it! Everyone that I've had appointments with are super helpful and discreet. They listen to what you say, and everyone is very knowledgeable and willing to help you meet your needs. While the bras are more expensive than department stores, they last longer and are better quality than anything I've ever bought. I always recommend La Lingerie to any friends or family, and I look forward to my next visit!
Enjoyed my return visit!
Diane S. says: Enjoyed my return to Le Lingerie to re-order additional bras I fell in love with from my first visit. Megan was very helpful in showing me the new colors!
So incredibly happy!
Nicole S. says: This was my first fitting and I can say that I am so happy with the service I received. Megan is a dream to work with! She makes everything so simple. She even ordered some stock for me since they didn't have it and it was easy to do. I will definitely be back!
Delightful, simple, and successful
Michelle J. says: This was my first trip to La Lingerie, and it was for bridal shapewear--not the easiest of fittings. Alison and the other staff went through a number of options, and I walked away with something that I think will work perfectly. I've already recommended you to several of my friends.
Bra Snob
Amy W. says: This was my second visit to La Lingerie. My first was an amazing custom bra fitting and I didn't hesitate to return for the custom swimsuit fitting. The polished yet relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a comfortable shopping environment where you are invited to look around and experience all they have to offer. My swimsuit appointment really helped me decide what type of suit I wanted and what looked the best on me. They had a great selection of colors, styles and sizes. The staff is so courteous and helpful and you never feel as though they are rushing you out the door. I have referred several clients and friends to La Lingerie and would recommend everyone go! They should take FULL responsibility and blame for me becoming a Bra Snob. When something fits this well, you'll never go back to mediocre!
Great experience
Molly M. says: This is my second time in and I would recommend the shop to anyone. Actually, I do already! It is wonderful to have bras that finally fit after so many years of wearing the wrong size. My experience with the staff has been excellent. Very comfortable. La Lingerie has a really great thing going!
So Glad to Have New Bras Again
Deb P. says: You will not be disappointed in getting a fitting and finding the right bra for you at La Lingerie! The staff and owner are so friendly and helpful and so professional. The fitting is completely comfortable and in your own private room. And the quality of the merchandise is outstanding! I can never go back to store bought bras again, and my last bras lasted me quite a long time, so definitely worth every penny.
Comforting Environment
Rosa H. says: My experience was the most comforting bra fitting experience I had. I can tell you that their measurements are accurate. Bad bra fitting places always want to put my 33 inch underbust self into 36s and 38s, but La Lingerie had an accurate fitting. They give you lots of privacy. You have an entire room to yourself to try on bras. I also learned they do alterations on bras, which is the best thing ever because I am going through a lot of weight transitions and can not keep buying new bras. I loved my experience and will be back.
Amazing, relaxing experience!
Nikki H. says: The shop is so cute & well decorated! I love the brick walls from the old train station! The shop had just opened for the day when I arrived, & so the room was slightly chilly. Chloe immediately turned on the space heater & it was a very comfortable temp in no time! She also brought in hot tea. Chloe was great! She really listened to what I was saying to help find the right bra/ swim suit for me & my body. She offered opinions, but wasn't pushy in any way. It was a fabulous experience!! I'm so happy with my bra/ swimsuit purchase!
Britny T. says: I had a wonderful time, and Chloe did a fantastic job fitting me. I can't wait to go back.
Wonderful experience!!
Diann H. says: I was so happy with the assistance I received from Meagan. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. I ended up finding many wonderful fitting bras that are gorgeous! Loved the whole experience!
Always a great experience!
Margot L. says: I have worked with Chloe twice now- once in the spring to find a new swimsuit and just yesterday for new bras. She's so attentive, professional with a great sense of humor. She was really knowledgeable about fit and helped me find things that were great for everyday and some sassy ones too! I will of course be returning! Good luck in New York Chloe!
Super Fun!
Caroline B. says: It was really fun! I was a little nervous and didn't quite know what to expect. I should have listened to my friend a long time ago and went. It was a great experience. It's quite powerful to know you look really good underneath the clothes you're wearing....
Beautiful and Comfortable Nursing Bras!
Tracy S. says: My husband purchased me a gift certificate to get fit for nursing bras after the birth of our daughter. I had been very frustrated with finding anything that fit and was comfortable and was hesitant about this fitting. Boy was I wrong! I was fit by Megan and she did a marvelous job. I found two nursing bras that feel great and look amazing. Thank you so much! Once I'm done nursing I'll be coming in for some new "regular" bras for sure!
Needs to be more places like this
Laura R. says: I went in for a refitting after one year when only my bras had already purchased here were holding up. I knew now how a bra should fit and I needed a refitting and new bras. Not only did I find several options in my new size that actually fit correctly (and finding things in my size isn't easy at all) I got advice on how to adjust my older bras to help them fit more comfortably. I left feeling so grateful I live in Madison and have an opportunity to use the services of a Fit House. I only wish more people I knew had that opportunity!
Kelly S. says: I was not sure what to expect when I made my appointment. I was so please that I came in for this service. I was wearing the wrong size and was so uncomfortable. I had not idea how much better I would feel in a great bra. No more regular store bra shopping for me! I was pleased and will be a return client. So happy.
Great experience
Jen M. says: Shopping for bras is one of my least favorite activities, but Katherine makes it fun and easy. She listens to what you want and makes sure the fit is just right. The experience is more than worth the time and money. Thank you, Katherine!!
Return trip
Lexy S. says: This was my second trip to LL. It was even better than my first. This time I was getting "regular" (i.e., non-nursing) bras. I expected to get two industrial-strength smooth bras. But Katharine showed me beautiful bras that are supportive exist! She put me at ease and helped me see that maybe my idea of how breasts *should* look was holding me back from truly feeling beautiful.
Absolutely worth the time and price!
Sonam K. says: My mother and I have lamented for years about how difficult it is to find a nice-fitting bra. She is naturally very well-endowed while I am very petite. Same issues though-- lack of comfort and lack of excitement with the choices. The service here was incredible and we both told each other and the staff that we will definitely be return customers. If you're hesitating at all to schedule a bra fitting here (or anywhere for that matter) based on the time and price involved, DON'T. It was well worth it! My mother walked out with 3 amazing bras and I walked out with 8. I can confidently say I have never ever felt this comfortable wearing bras-- and I owe it all to La Lingerie.
Experience great
Ellen p. says: I continue to have a great experience when I visit La Lingerie. The staff is so knowledgable and willing to make the experience very comfortable. I would much rather spend the money on the lingerie here than any department store apparel. Thank you!
Meagan C. says: After my son was born my body changed everywhere and Katherine helped me find the right bras that fit my new shape. I love my new bras because they make me feel sexy and my clothes are more flattering. Thank you!
I tell everyone
Maribeth M. says: Whenever the subject of bras come up among my female friends I get really excited and tell them all to try La Lingerie! It is so nice to not only have a bra that fits, but also a fitter who knows how to fit women of all shapes an sizes. Havign the right bra really can transform how a woman sees herself. I LOVE that there are half sizes available. I have only been to La Lingerie twice, but I can tell you that I will not shop elsewhere as long as they are around. If you have not been to La Lingerie, go! Then tell your friends! Tell everyone.
Swimsuit troubles no more
Connie M. says: Megan was such a pleasure. Her knowledge and compassion exceeded all expectations. It was the PERFECT experience for me. I would continually buy a new swimsuit each year that never fit. I now have two COMFORTABLE suits for my upcoming vacation, in addition to my Simone bras. I can't give enough praise for this business. Please book an experience for yourself!
I never write reviews!
Barb M. says: I never write these reviews but in this case I could not resist. I recently drove 2.5 hours to the store and it was worth every minute! These ladies know what they are doing, are very professional and made me feel beautiful Thank you very much. I will come back for bras as long as you are in business.
Will never go elsewhere now
Deborah M. says: Beautiful store with excellent customer service. The fitting rooms are extremely private. You must book an appointment in advance. They spend hours with you helping you the perfect fit and selections for you. I was also pleasantly surprised at the beautiful swimwear. I have never had such beautiful suits before!
Too Beautiful!
Janis C. says: I have had Katherine for my professional bra fitter since 3/31/11. Katherine is a professional and the service she provides is superb. I go to her for all my lingerie needs and swimming suits, and I do not purchase these items from anyone/anywhere else. The lingerie is very gorgeous, and is an excellent fit.
Alexis L. says: I had a wonderful experience for my first visit and will be back for sure! So nice to have something that truly fits! Thanks Chloe!
Emily H. says: I never take the time to write online reviews, but I had such an exceptional experience with Katherine. I am a tough to fit size baseline, and when I came in needing nursing bras, I was amazed to have so many options. Katherine has a great sense of humor and is very skilled. I will definitely be back and recommend to friends.
Awesome As Usual
Jodie T. says: The ladies at La Lingerie are very classy and professional. Buying a brought in a department store can be so frustrating and depressing. At my lingerie it's fabulous and confident building. My only word of caution is I always leave with more than I plan to buy but it's awesome to open that drawer in the morning and have exactly what you want and know it fits!
I absolutely LOVED this experience!
Lori H. says: I was referred to La Lingerie by a good friend and I am so very happy with my experience. I worked with Megan and she was so helpful and professional and made the experience very comfortable. As it turns out I was wearing the wrong bra size and now I have 2 new bras from La Lingerie that feel so comfortable I don't want to take them off! I wish every woman would be able to have this experience. The bras they have are so beautiful and luxurious and not much more than what I was paying at VS. I will never purchase a bra anywhere else. I would have loved to have purchased many more and it's such a nice service that they allow you to have a wish list so now my husband will be able to just give them a call and have his gift giving taken care of. They even ship for free!
Every woman should have the perfect fitting bra!
Melissa M. says: Write yoI received a gift card to La Lingerie for my birthday and it was one of my most favorite gifts of all time! The entire experience was luxurious, I felt like I was being treated to something really special. It was interesting to try on different styles and figure out my true style. I love the way my bras look and feel and I love the way they make me look and feel. Every woman should wear a perfect fitting bra every day and La Lingerie will help you find it!
An amazing experience!
Cindy t. says: I decided to go with La Lingerie because of the great reviews, and I was still blown away. Chloe was very professional, helpful and very sensitive to the fact that I just had reconstructive surgery. I am a completely different size, shape, everything and had no bras (except surgical ones). She was very patient, I never felt rushed or embarrassed. I purchased 3 bras, a sport bra, and a lounge bra (since I still need to sleep in something supportive). I never in my dreams thought I could wear the bras I ended up buying, I will be going back to get a couple more bras on my wish list, so I have a full set of all types of bras. All women, regardless of size, should go here and be professionally fitted, and walk out feeling beautiful and sexy. Something I thought would never happen after my surgery. You made my year Chloe and La Lingerie!!
The $7 bra lady!
Carie S. says: My mom is turning 85 this September and I decided to treat her to a professional bra fitting with Katherine. She was hesitant but agreed to it. It was fun to watch her go from skeptical to excited as she learned about bra fitting. She was buying $7 Wal Mart bras size 38 C. She was fitted at a 32D. Imagine the difference. She requested a basic bra and as she was trying them on, Katherine slowly added in the prettier and sexier ones. I watched my mom's face as she looked in the mirror from one of embarrassment to a smile with a lifted head and shoulders. She was so thrilled. My sisters and I had pitched in to buy her 2 bras. In addition , my mom (the $7 bra lady) bought herself two more. She has since told me she just wants to walk around the house in her new bras. Thanks to Katherine and her way of putting women at ease about their bodies, my mom is now appreciating what she's had all along. I'm forever grateful that I could offer this special life changing opportunity to my mother! You're never to old! Next time you need an idea for your mom who you think has everything, you should consider giving her an appointment at La Lingerie.
Kathy R. says: I just stopped in yesterday to pick up another bra exactly like my last. I was warmly greeted (as always) and shown around the new location which is lovely. I'm thrilled to have LaLingerie in Madison and will continue to recommend it to my friends and family.
Great Experience
Maggie W. says: My husband gave me a gift card and it was such a wonderful experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'll never go to another place again. I actually found out that I was actually wearing the completely wrong size and wearing it on wrong also. Now not only do my bras fit comfortably, but they're really cute too. I am so happy with them. Thank you!
Great experience for the second time
Amy L. says: This was my second experience at La Lingerie and it was as great as my first experience. Left with a new bra that fits great. Highly recommend getting a fitting!
Amazing! Everyone should have a custom fitted bra!
Lili F. says: This is my second time at La Lingerie, and it was great! At my first visit, I purchased three bras. I threw the rest of my bras away, but I kept my favorite old one that I bought at a department store. After about three months of wearing only custom fitted bras, they were all dirty at once. I wore my old bra while the others were washed, and the difference was astounding! To think that that had been my favorite old bra is crazy! I have since thrown it away, and on my recent second return to La Lingerie, I have purchased two more bras. It is an amazing feeling to be confident in wearing a bra that fits correctly. I have never been able to wear a strapless bra because I am heavier on top, but I wore a one from La Lingerie for my wedding. I did not have to pull it up a single time all day! I really cannot say enough about the service these ladies provide. The bras are a little more expensive than those from department stores, but it makes a huge difference in the way you feel and how your clothes look. This is a great investment, and I will never, ever shop for bras in any other place! Thank you all for everything you do!
Absolutely Amazing!
Tara B. says: This referral from my friend was a glowing recommendation and I am now wondering why I waited so long! I have to say, I was super nervous about some stranger poking and prodding at me wearing a shear bra. Katherine was very professional and courteous not to make me feel uncomfortable in any way. She always was very gracious to ask when she entered the room or whether I would mind if she stayed to help me try on. It was the BEST bra shopping experience I have ever had. And it turns out I am 2 whole band sizes smaller, which is a self esteem booster in itself! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will probably never buy a bra at Lane Bryant ever again!
Why did I wait so long to do this????
Christy R. says: I truly enjoyed this experience! Megan did an amazing job fitting me with the perfect bras. I can't believe how long I have survived without this kind of know how! Having the right bra really makes a difference in the way my body and clothes look and feel. And now I have a fabulous wish for future lingerie investments, which will make my bra shopping very easy (for the first time in my life). Thank you Megan and La Lingerie for a fabulous and valuable experience!
Wonderful Experience
Jessica L. says: I went into La Lingerie for the first time the other day. I needed some underthings for my wedding and was recommended to La Lingerie by a coworker. I was very pleasantly surprised at how at-home Mega, my consultant, made me feel. I was offered tea and given a room. We had a brief conversation about what I was looking for, my wedding dress, preferences, etc. Megan then went out and brought in a variety of items that made it clear she had really been listening to me. It was not long into the appointment that Megan and I were giggling like little girls. She made me feel very at-ease. I ended up making a large purchase and there are notes left on my account of alternatives if these items do not end up working. I cannot wait until after the wedding when I will be able to go in for more "fun" stuff! Absolutely LOVE this place!
Great Personal Attention Led to a Great Fit
Courtney V. says: I visited La Lingerie for the first time last weekend and I wish I had know about this place years ago! I had never tried on so many bras in my life, but it totally paid off. The personal attention was amazing. I got specific feedback on the fit of each bra, and ended up with two that fit better than any other bras I've ever purchased. I also have a lovely wish list that will make gift giving easy for my husband over the next many months...What a unique idea, and carried out so well.
I was treated like a queen!
Diane S. says: This was such a fabulously fun shopping experience! My daughter joined me, and, together with her and the exceptional service Megan provided, I made some wonderful purchases! Thanks for the attention to detail and making me feel so comfortable. It is a beautiful setting.
WONDERFUL Experience!
Sophia S. says: I have had a really hard time finding a bra that fits, looks good, and is comfortable over the years. Megan was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I had a great experience and walked away with a variety of different kinds of bras! We are lucky to have such a wonderful lingerie store in Madison!
Long Overdo Visit
Christine S. says: Write your reviewThis was a first for me but Megan made the whole experience very comfortable. There is no way you can get this kind of help shopping in a department store! I lost track at how many styles and sizes I tried, but Megan didn't, and everything purchased is now on file for future reference.
AMAZING experience!
Claire H. says: Katherine is fantastic at what she does. If I were by myself, I probably would've bought half the bras that weren't a good fit without even knowing. She made me so comfortable. The product is gorgeous. I can't wait to go back!
If only I'd found them sooner!
Ashley C. says: I used to hate shopping for bras because nothing ever fit right or the department stores didn't carry a large enough size. I just was back for my second visit and Katherine was so helpful and understanding in finding me 3 new bras while working around my 20 month son until his grandma could come get him. The store is so comfortable and cozy and I LOVE the new location.
Above and Beyond
Karen M. says: I purchased some bras that developed issues, and Katharine went above and beyond to make sure that I was fitted with new bras that corrected the problem. She was responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. And the new space is beautiful! Everyone makes you feel special while you're there, and makes sure you feel (and look) fabulous when you leave! Thank you!
Alyssa B. says: I went in to find a bra for my wedding dress and was do happy with the service. I was cutting it close (3 weeks away) so we had to find something in stock that would work since ordering anything would be too stressful. They were incredibly helpful and I felt no pressure to buy anything if I didn't love it. I would definitely recommend coming to La Lingerie!
Wonderful experience!
Jen G. says: This fitting was way overdue. I can't believe I didn't know about this place until my friends mentioned it. Chloe was very knowledgeable and helpful. This was the best way to shop for bras. Never again will I waste my time trying to find bras in a department store. I now see why the fitting took 1.5 hours. Chloe helped me pick out everything from everyday bras to strapless to sports to lounge bras. The best part (cleaver too) was making a profile of what fits and then having the peace of mind that I can come back and purchase what I need when I need it. Wonderful experience. Pricey, but worth it.
Worth It!
Tisha B. says: My only comment is that I should have done this tear's ago. It was such a great experience and I feel so much better with my new bras. I can't wait to buy more. Megan was fantastic.
Joette K. says: I felt very comfortable and relaxed with the fitting. They sure know what they're doing. (they do need a fan in the dressing room) I guess my nerves at first were making me a little warm. The room was very relaxing and well decorated. Will be back for sure. Thanks!!
Well Worth the Visit
Cathy H. says: Really loved the personal attention. I have so much trouble finding just the right bras, and hate looking. Especially liked being able to say what troubles I have with bras, and things that I like or dislike. Chole knew exactly what to do to resolve them, and brought me the product to meet my needs. I had never been to the prior location, and I'm genrally not a nervous nellie, but I was a little nervous at this location. There were men lingering around, and others were working on the building outside when I left at 8:30 pm. I felt nervous walking around in a relatively discreet area. I think this will improve as the other businesses there increase, but I would try to schedule at a time when the bike store in the building is also open.
Every bra shooing experience should be like this!
Jennifer B. says: Easily the most wonderful shopping experience of my life. All bra shopping should this comfortable! As should the bras. I can't see ever buying a bra any other way!
Wonderful Experience
Kelly J. says: This was a fantastic experience. Having someone fit you, pull bras in your size, help you in and out of them, and hang them back up makes bra shopping 100x more enjoyable and successful. The bras are expensive, but very well made, and the wishlist system means that you can add to your collection slowly without having to come back to do more shopping and trying on. Brilliant. I recommend this to everyone.
Great Experience!
Erin B. says: I am amazed at what a positive experience my first fitting was. I have never found a comfortable bra (I'm almost 30), and decided that it was time to find a good bra. I went to several department stores in town, as well as Soma and Victoria's Secret, wasted hours, and found nothing that fit. I was hesitant to go to La Lingerie because of the cost, but I'm so so so glad I did. Katherine was wonderful. The 1.5 hours flew by, and I left with 3 bras, a few pairs of panties (LOVE!) and several more items for my wishlist. The price really wasn't much more than I'd be paying at any of the other stores, and I was actually able to find bras that fit well and make me feel better. If you think it's possible you're wearing the wrong size, you should definitely go in for a fitting! I've always been fitted at 34C at all other stores I've tried, but really I'm a 32DD. No wonder all the others were uncomfortable! Katherine was wonderful - she really made the whole experience very enjoyable.
Well Done!
Millie W. says: Finally a place where people know what they are doing and do it well. They make you feel comfortable, well worth the time. I will be a returning customer. Thank You. Millie
Positively Wonderful
Colleen S. says: Private, professional, and comfortable. I know I will be a returning customer.
Not rushed; great selection
Lexy S. says: I was worried about spending an HOUR for a fitting for nursing bras but it was totally worthwhile. I am so glad I now have nursing bras that make me look great and are nursing compatible. I wish I had done this after my first child! Katherine was very professional and clearly knows what she is doing.
Great experience
Beatriz J. says: Private, knowledgeable, organized, attentive, receptive, respectfull, relaxed and fun.
Wonderful experience!!
Caroline S. says: I had a fitting yesterday and am absolutely convinced that this is the only way to shop for bras. The staff was professional, helpful, and personable. They are clearly very knowledgeable on the fitting process and all of the products they carry. I am going back today to pick up a gift certificate for my mother!
Wonderful experience!
Leanne W. says: I'm not sure I will purchase a bra from anywhere else in the future. The fitting was a great experience and by the time we were done I had many options to choose from. I had been wearing the wrong size bra for years and I am amazed at how comfortable a bra can be when it fits well. Time and money well spent.
Every woman should have this experience!
Elizabeth R. says: I came in for a fitting last week after a friend told me about the great experience she had here. She wasn't kidding! For years I've been wearing bras from department stores or Victoria's secret but I never felt like anything fit quite as well as it should. Trying them on left my frustrated and I had a hard time finding flattering styles and fun colors in my size. This trip to la lingerie changed all that. I worked with Chloe, who brought me about 30 bras to work with. It was very helpful having someone tell me that the fit wasn't good enough, because without her guidance I probably would have thought it was fine. But once I was in a bra that truly fit, I felt like a million bucks. I left with 3 amazing bras and a huge wishlist, but I don't feel guilty because I know each one fits like a glove. I highly recommend them and I will be buying all my bras here in the future.
If you hate shopping for bras.......
Claire B. says: La Lingerie is the solution for those of us who hate shopping for a new bra. Traditionally, when I’ve needed a new bra, I’ve headed to a department store, wrestled through endless racks of bras with hidden size tags, chosen a bunch of bras in “my size” and headed back to the dressing room. I’d wrestle with each ridiculously difficult plastic hanger (breaking some), get the bra on only to find none close to fitting. Invariably, my old favorite bra had been discontinued, the cut had somehow changed, or, perhaps, I’d changed It was also annoying that I’d have to redress to go out to the sales floor to exchange bras for different sizes. Then get undressed again! Exhausted, I’d finally settle on a bra that was “good enough” and wear it for a year. The system for trying on bras at La Lingerie is a dream. Katherine has mastered the art of entirely eliminating the frustrating and time consuming elements of trying on bras to the point where I not only felt comfortable but sort of like I was being dressed by “her lady’s maid” from Downton Abbey! After a quick, bra-on measurement, Katherine returned with about 20 bras for consideration – in sizes I never would have guessed. It was like a magic trick! Bras seemed to magically appear on my body (and disappear when we both agreed they didn’t fit) with such ease and amazingly afford complete modesty. I never touched a hanger, a bra hook, adjusted a strap, or stood there naked while waiting for the next bra. Most importantly, Katherine described the subtleties of WHY each bra fit or didn’t fit perfectly that I actually learned what I should look for in the future. And, I never detected one ounce of pressure to sell me a bra. The 1.5 hour went so quickly! By the time I neared the end of my private appointment , Katherine had met my goal to find three perfect fitting everyday bras and I was ready to explore more lacy fun bras. I’ll be back!!
Swim suit fitting- a pleasure?!?!
Linda F. says: I had the best experience finding a swimsuit ever. In the past, I always considered swimsuit shopping a dreaded chore that left me feeling inadequate and usually suit-less. Nothing fit or looked good. La Lingerie was a completely different experience. Katherine showed me to the lovely fitting room and brought swimsuits to me- I didn't even have to think about it. I don't know how she did it, but every suit she brought in fit me. I found several good choices and left (with two suits and a cover-up) feeling like I had just been treated like royalty... I can't imagine buying from a department store again- I am officially spoiled.
Highly Recommend!
Heather M. says: After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a bilateral mastectomy almost a year ago, my reconstruction is finally at the point where I can wear a bra. The thought of bra shopping was overwhelming and I was very nervous. But, the service at La Lingerie on such an emotional day couldn't have been better. Not only did I find beautiful bras to fit my new body, I realized I had NEVER been wearing a bra correctly! I highly recommend every woman take the time to see just how comfortable a properly fitted bra can be. Can't say enough great things about the store and staff!! Thank you!
Something every woman should do!
Sarah K. says: I hadn't really even thought about going and getting properly fitted, but my husband encouraged me to go to La Lingerie. I was a bit skeptical of a 1.5 hour appointment and thought, "How could it possibly take me that long - this sounds terrible." But, I went - and I am glad that I did! I was learning so much from the wonderful sales associate, and before I knew it she (very politely and graciously) told me the next appointment was scheduled to start 15 minutes (ie - I needed to get moving). I felt very comfortable in the store and the outcome was great.
Ann S. says: I absolutely loved my fitting at La Lingerie. It was the most accurate fitting I have ever received, and the bras they had in stock were of the upmost quality. When I put them on, I almost in a way felt relieved that I had finally found bras that fit perfectly to my shape! I also think the wish list is a great idea - since bras are pricey, they will let you try on all the bras you like, then put them on a list so you can buy them later.
Finally a REAL lingerie boutique in Madison
Michelle W. says: I had been wishing there was a proper fit house in Madison, and voila, La Lingerie is it! Katherine is an expert in fitting and takes the time to ensure style, comfort and shape. The quality of the lingerie is outstanding and the styles are lovely. After YEARS of wearing ill-fitting, unflattering bras, I finally feel properly supported and I look and feel better! Don't waste your time or money with any other lingerie departments or V.S.
Yolande S. says: I love this place and Katherine is amazing. I needed swimsuits and I normally dread swimsuit shopping. Not here, though. Katherine listened to what I wanted and made me feel completely at ease. I also greatly appreciate that Katherine gives you an honest opinion about whether the suit flatters your figure (I can usually tell, but I value an honest second opinion, particularly if I'm trying something out of my comfort zone). My only "problem" was not buying everything that I fell in love with. I will definitely be back and the next time it will be for bras! I, like many of the other reviewers, have not been buying the right size bra. Many, many thanks to Katherine for a lovely experience!
Nervous Nellie
Theresa W. says: Never had a bra fitting, thought about having one years ago but was a wee bit shy. So- New Years Resolution- take care of ME! Booked an appointment, what a FANTASTIC experience! Discussed what I hated about my current bras and what I was hoping to find. Bought two on the spot and will be back ! DONT WAIT -take care of the girls NOW...its something you can do for yourself!
Never going back to Victoria's Secret!
Tera M. says: Write your reviI was very nervous and wasn't sure what to expect. Katherine made me feel like we were long time best friends. She was very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of each bra I tried on. She helped me fit into an everyday bra as well as helped me spice up my special occasion wardrobe. She also taught me how to make the lifespan of these garments last longer. She helped make a wish list of all the items that I liked for future purchases. I will never go to Victoria's Secret again. This was a billion times better, and she has an incredible inventory of sizes!ew
Fantastic experience!
Kim L. says: I have always wanted to try some different bra styles but on the rare occasions I've tried to shop for some at other stores, I've felt rushed, intimidated, and pushed to buy things that weren't really right for me. Absolutely not the case here! I worked with Chloe, who put me at ease and made the process of trying on 30 or more bras quick and fun. It turned out that I was already wearing pretty close to my correct size, but I had no idea I could wear so many different styles. Additionally, she suggested that I take my new bras home and try them on again with the tags on to make sure they were comfortable - and I'm so glad I did, because one of the beautiful bras I bought, though it is a perfect fit, is just not for me. It's nice to know that they want you to be happy and make sure your purchases work for you - I think this attitude shines through the whole process. I'll be making an exchange - the hard part will be making a new choice from my wish list! Thanks for the wonderful service!
Great Experience
Am L. says: They have such a wide array of bra sizes that you can actually get your correct size, not the closest size to what they have in stock. Great for anyone who is tired of box stores squeezing you into their mold of "normal" bra sizes.
Lizza B. says: I was kind of nervous going in as I had no idea what to expect, and the last fancy pro-fitting I had (not here) seemed great, but the bras ended up not fitting as well as they should have. I had no reason to worry. My fitter (whose name I unfortunately can't remember) was very nice and attentive. She really worked with me to find styles, shapes, and patterns that I liked and that fit well. I honestly don't think I've *ever* had a bra fit properly before, and I can really feel a difference in my posture and any backaches that I've had. I love my bras and I can't wait until I can go back for more!
Finally a comfortable bra
Laura B. says: I find it amazing that in an hour or so they can find a bra that fits perfectly; in the department store you're there for hours and then come home with something that may fit, but isn't super comfortable. This latest was a return for another bra; the first time I purchase 1, just to test out the whole experience; I will never go back to another store. I was in and out in 30 minutes this last time and mostly due to my indecisiveness. I also love the panties; again I purchase a couple of pair the first time (two different styles), but came back for more. they are so comfortable you barely know they are on; so worth the money.
Especially helpful after breast cancer!
Melissa Z. says: After having a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, I had no idea what my new size would be. I was nervous to try on bras but thought if the experience went well, I might finally start to feel pretty in spite of my scars. I'm SO happy and excited to have found beautiful, well-fitting bras, and there is no way I could have chosen them without expert help. The staff at La Lingerie are so warm, professional and knowledgable. They have a huge and diverse inventory, and I walked away with 3 of the most gorgeous bras I've ever owned! They also keep a "wish list" of the things you didn't purchase but may like later (nice in case your significant other wants to pop in and buy something for you!!). So, so, so happy!!!
La Lingerie is wonderful!
Pat W. says: I am petite and stores no longer carry any bra in my size. I have bought several at La Lingerie in the past 8 months. The fitters are wonderful, the selection is huge and I walk out with bras that fit, look good and are comfortable. I am SO gladI found this store and service.
Can't Believe I Waited
Rebekah F. says: From the moment I started my appointment to the end, Katherine was professional, informative, and made the entire experience fun. My purchases have made many of my back pains disappear and I am happy and comfortable with my body and my self every time I wear these bras. Such an impact on my health and happiness I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.
Kathy o. says: I appreciate the time and knowledge the dedicated staff demonstrated. I bought three fabulous bras and am so excited to wear them all. I had a great experience shopping local and supporting a worthwhile business. Thank you!
One of a Kind Experience
Ashley H. says: I'm almost 30 and this is the first time in my life I felt truly confident that I was buying bras that were right for me. The staff person I worked with was very informative and helpful but not pushy. It was clear that she was there to make the process run smoothly while also considering my preferences and needs. I definitely plan to go back again next time I am in need of a new bra.
Absolute best way to buy under garments!
Lily S. says: I last bought bras 3 years ago at Nordstroms and they do a fitting and charge a little bit more for bras but they last and having a professional bring you things to try on saves a ton of time and makes for a very pleasant shopping experience. My 3 year old bras are starting to fade and I was gifted a fitting and gift certificate for Christmas. La lingerie is very similar to the Nordstrom's experience, actually it is better. Katherine is warm and extremely knowledgable. She asks you what you are looking for, then gets your size and brings you tons of bras to try on. She stays with you the whole time (if you want) and does all the adjusting and telling you what is working and what isn't. The biggest problem I had was there were too many bras that looked and felt good. Katherine was not a pushy and I didn't feel rushed. In about an hour or so I was able to try on a ton of bras and leave with three new bras that look great, are comfortable and will last at least 3 years. So you could go to Victoria's Secret and spend $30-$50 dollars on a bra but it won't fit or last as long or you could go to La lingerie and spent day little bit more $70-90 on a bra and get exceptional service and undergarments that will fit properly and last a lot longer. I could not recommend La Lingrie highly enough.
Jill S. says: As a return customer, I received a 15% discount on my La Lingerie purchase in honor of my birthday. I bought two extremely comfy Natori bras and a beautiful black slip that mesmerized my husband. I really like La Lingerie's approach. Sure, it seems a little odd baring your chest to the fitter, but this way I knew exactly which bras worked best for me. I'm happy with my purchase and happy with La Lingerie.
As Always!
Kathleen D. says: A perfect fit! I was re-sized due to weight loss and left the shop again feeling beautiful and especially comfortable. Impeccable and professional service! A delightful experience.
So Helpful!
Elizabeth W. says: WOW! I'm very impressed with this business. Everyone there was super helpful and were truly interested in getting me the perfect fit. I always have had a very hard time bra shopping and figuring out my size after having my baby was proving even more difficult. I was nervous at first since I've never had a proper fitting before.but the ladies made me feel comfortable right away. I'm so glad I went, I was wearing a 42 H when I should be in a 34 H! I never would have figured that out on my own. I'll definitely be coming back for all my under garment needs
Excellent Experience
Elizabeth T. says: Friends had been telling me for ages about their wonderful experiences at La Lingerie. I wholeheartedly echo their enthusiasm now. I had a wonderful experience with Katherine - highly professional, educational, and comfortable. I look forward to La Lingerie being my lingerie store of choice now.
Great experience
Katie A. says: After trying a few personal bra fittings back in NYC, this was by far the best experience I've had with a personal fit house. Katherine listened to me and actually explained the bra sizes underwear styles instead of just throwing some items at me that were my size. She made me feel comfortable with my body and was open to questions and explanations. Loved it! Would highly recommend taking the time to come in for anyone who wants to invest in well-fitting well-made lingerie!!
Such a treat!
India V. says: I had a great time at my appointment. I am not a frilly person, but felt comfortable trying on pieces that were sexier than I would usually try on if I were by myself. My session was relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun. It was great to find pieces that were sexy while still being as comfy as my favorite sweats. I think undergarment fitting is a lost art that is being re-discovered at La Lingerie!
How lovely!
Taylor F. says: I just had my first appointment yesterday, and I was treated like a queen! Katherine made me feel so comfortable, and she truly gives you royal treatment - the kindly given suggestions, the option are endless (bras, panties, swimwear galore!), the gentle and accurate fittings (i finally know my true size!), and the attitude that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Loved it! I want to go back just to be in the gorgeous store!
Tiffany B. says: After loosing weight it is so nice to have a bra that fits and so comfortable. Choe was great to work with and had so many great options to choose from that were both beautiful and functional. I like having a wish list for future purchases. I would definitely recommend this shop to my female friends. Time and money well spent.
Highly Recommend La Lingerie
Alissa O. says: I knew for a while that I was probably wearing the wrong size bra and finally treated myself to a fitting for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was nice to do something for myself that day but it turns out it makes me feel special every time I get dressed so it's a gift that keeps on giving! I had a great experience and learned new things. I can't wait to get some of the items on my wish list! I highly recommend it. Thanks!
I have a wish list to think about now!
Frances K. says: I too was wearing the wrong size and had NO IDEA that a strapless bra could actually be supportive!! Katherine is so professional and made me feel comfortable and even pretty despite standing in front of a mirror in my bra for longer than I would normally feel comfortable. I just loved my experience. If your hesitation is the cost - I would just say to consider that even that lingerie shop in the mall can run pretty high and I don't think you get near the quality of service or product. Give it a try!
What a wonderful experience!!!
MK H. says: My sister went for a bra fitting yesterday and it was such a wonderful experience. I was very nervous and I have uneven breasts and finding bras is always such a frustrating and disappointing experience. This was not the case at La Lingerie. I found bras that fit and I felt very comfortable during fitting. Thanks Katherine for making me feel better about my body. You are very good at your job! MKH
Happiness is a beautiful well-fitting bra
Kelly W. says: I had a fitting with Katherine yesterday. I have been wearing the wrong size bra for years! I don't have a perfect body and yet Katherine had me feeling beautiful and confident. The prices are good too--I was expecting this experience would be much more expensive. No hard sell, no pressure, and the bras I bought were not marked up in any way--when I got home I looked the brands up online so I could show a friend what gorgeous bras I got and the prices were the same or more online. I should have done this the minute I moved to Madison. If you have been waiting to go get fitted until you have tons of extra money and/or a perfect body, stop waiting. It turns out you don't need either to feel gorgeous.
Excellent Experience! I'll be back!
Erin s. says: I had a wonderful fitting experience with Katherine last night. This was my first time at Le Lingerie. I've had a fitting elsewhere, but this was better! Having an appointment scheduled is so nice, you are the only customer and you won’t feel any need to rush. I learned that there is a lot more to fit than your measurements, different bras for different bodies in a number of ways. Katherine was kind, but honest about what didn't work for me. I left with two beautiful new bras (functional, but also sexy and fun) and matching panties, a luxury I've been missing. There were 3-6 more bras that I liked, but decided to pass on for the time being. Le Lingerie keeps a wish list for you for next time. Oh! And on top of all that wonderfulness, if you have worn bras that still have some life, but you no longer wear, they will donate them to a women's DV shelter. I'll be back with a bra donation and to buy more bras. I've already recommended to three friends ;)
Great Service!
Liz F. says: I had a fitting the other day, and it was so much easier than trying to find the right bra in a department store. She fit me, brought me everything in my size, and we tried everything on. I had never heard of a "sit test" before to ensure a bra is comfortable, but after learning about this, found it an essential part of the fitting experience, as every bra with an underwire was fine when standing, but uncomfortable when sitting. They had a limited selection of wireless bras (only 2) and I only liked one of them, but were very helpful in ordering others in my size, paying for one up front. It was less expensive than I expected too, and a very efficient way to shop because of the personalized service.
Couldn't be happier.
Ashlee Y. says: I had a fitting last night and no exaggeration, I was totally blown away. Back in New York, I used to go to a shop that is famous in the region for being an expert in fittings for larger breasts. Supposed to be the "best of the best". I had a better experience here in La Lingerie than I've ever had in New York. I'm so comfortable today. Thank you!!
Should have gone in a long time ago.
Betty B. says: I was really satisfied with the results of my fitting and the bras I purchased. Mostly, I can't believe I now have bras that fit so well and are really comfortable, even with my challenging bra size. I feel like I'll never have to wear a bra that doesn't really fit again.
A Hidden Gem In the Neighborhood
Alesia M. says: I didn't know that La Lingerie existed within walking distance to work. The staff was wonderful and helpful. I also like their bra recycle program where they donate old bras to a women's shelter. I'll be back.
A lovely store
Caitlin P. says: I could not imagine that I would need to spend 1.5 hours fitting a bra but the time flew by! Katherine made me feel very comfortable with the process. Very much worth it! And it's great to know that all my information is there and I can come back and quickly find what I need among all the beautiful lingerie in the shop.
Time well spent
Chris W. says: Katherine was so professional and respectful during my entire visit. And every item she showed me was lovely. And those I took home are beautifully fittings a well.
Life Changing
Liz W. says: First time in years I can look in the mirror and see the total me instead of large breasts. I look like I have lost 20 lbs. Katherine was professional and sincere in her desire to fit you to perfection. My clothes fit me much better and I may be able to size down in tops because I had to buy to fit/diminish my bust while the rest of the top looked sloppy. My husband was surprised at the dramatic difference how I look in my clothes. More sizes and brands to choose from I have ever had. I was desperate to find a bra that fits and ecstatic to have found La Lingerie in Madison. A treasure in our mist ladies! EVERY WOMAN OWES HERSELF A PROPER FITTING BRA --DON'T PUT IT OFF.
Felt pampered
Laurie H. says: Catherine is the most helpful patient person and made me feel pampered while buying my lingerie. The special attention, stress less shopping and calm environment make it a pleasure to shop. And my husband enjoys being able to join me in the dressing room. A real gem in Madison.
Lea W. says: This was amazing. Too many years in a band that was too small because the largest cup at the department stores was too small. My back was sore and my clothes fit awful. Turns out my actual size is 2 band sizes smaller and 3 cup sizes larger. What a life changer - bras that fit and so much more of an understanding of what I need in a bra.
Katy B. says: I never knew bras with under wires could actually be comfortable! I wore my new (beautiful) bra for almost 10 hours today at work and was more comfortable than I think I've ever been! I am so grateful to be in a proper fitting bra! I felt so comfortable at my appointment, Katherine was more than welcoming! Thank you!
Well worth the drive.
Mary H. says: Thanks again for a great experience last week. I bought 3 new bras that fit great and will last as they are good quality. I can't find anything that fits where I live, and though it is a drive to get there, La Lingerie is well worth the trip in. It is so nice to have someone help me get fitted with what I need and it really makes a difference in how my clothes fit. Thank you again! I am looking forward to many more wonderful shopping experiences in the future:)
Always a treat.
Jo C. says: I'm not a girly-girl, so it can be easy for me to feel overwhelmed and out of place around lace and pretty, delicate things. But Liz and Katherine welcomed me in like an old friend and helped me sort through the huge number of possible options. I understand my own body better now and what it wants in a bra. Who knew?
Fantastic experience all around!
Marie M. says: I had never experienced so many options for bras in my life! In addition, they were willing to order some old favorites I have not seen in a while. Chloe did an excellent job helping me find some bras and was very attentive and patient, yet not pushy. She was professional, knowledgeable and very easy to get along with. She immediately made me feel comfortable and really listened to my feedback. The selection is abundant, the service attentive and unobtrusive, and the prices less than I expected. In fact, the prices are comparable to what you would find online or in major department stores, except that at La Lingerie you get personal service and undivided attention. I have been wearing the same old bras for years, with much trial and error to settle on a size. (Amazingly, I was in the correct size for that brand.) Was reluctant to get fitted, as I am irregular in shape and large in size. My size did not matter; La Lingerie can fit me, and that means they can fit you! If you are a larger size, be aware that this store is not just for those tiny women you see depicted in most lingerie ads. You can wear beautiful lingerie (or not so pretty with great support) and be fitted perfectly no matter what size you are! I now own an under-wire that actually fits correctly! The two hour trip to Madison was well worth it.
The Only Place for Lingerie in Madison
Sonia S. says: I'm so happy Katherine added additional (knowledgeable and friendly) staff and hours to her fabulous business. Everybody is a professional at fitting and merchandise and the one-on-one attention feels personal and never pushy. Most importantly, I leave knowing that I will be looking and feeling my best both in and out of my street clothes. You have to go to New York, San Francisco, or a time machine back to the early 1960s to get this treatment and it's right here in Madison.
Perfect Place for breast cancer survivors!
Lori M. says: After many surgeries my breasts were a mess. I had no idea what my size was. Chloe was awesome, A pure delight to work with. Their selection and quality are superb. After an hour and a half fitting I went home with 5 new bras and some panties. I can't say enough about how wonderful this business is. NOT just for b.c survivors but for all women.
We feel great!
Delores and Dolores R. says: My mother went for a fit and with the very first bra said it felt great. The first one in her long life. Katherine was a wealth of information and took into account Mom's advanced arthritis. Then she offered to fit me! My Mom was right. What a wonderful feeling to have a bra you hardly know is there, except it looks beautiful and makes the wearer feel attractive. Katherine also introduced me to "the at home bra" which is so comfy in the evenings and a superior sports bra. Go, go, go! You will so enjoy the experience and after wearing one of your new bras feel like a new woman.
Highly recommend!
Amanda M. says: Chloe and Katherine were phenomenal for my bra fitting party. Me and 2 of my friends are going to be having a boudior photos session done next month and we all wanted a great fitting bra and panties set for it. They put us all at ease because we were all nervous, but they explained everything from what to expect to how to care for the lingerie when we leave. They even have wish lists for all of us so that if we want to order in the future we can jut have it shipped directly to our doors since we all live over an hour away from Madison. I highly recommend Katherine and her team to any woman seeking expertise to look her best!
More than I expected
Vicky S. says: Thank You, Katharine! I had never experienced so many options for bras in my life! I so appreciate your sharing your time, talent and treasure with me! After spending so many years unsupported and plain bra-ed, I never thought I could feel supported AND pretty! Your expertise and care is well noted! I look forward to many years ahead of collaboration supporting my 'girls' with you! Jesus Bless Us! Vicky Stauber-Pufall
Seriously...it changed my life!
Maggie H. says: This was my second trip for bras and it was, again, a perfect experience. As someone who has a size that is not sold in many stores...little frame, big chest...I had a blast when there were tons and tons of options for me to choose from. I have always cried and struggled when shopping at a department store for a bra, but here, it was a great time, where I laughed and also left feeling very comfortable and confident with my body. That is something that is priceless...
Dramatically changed my perception of bra shopping
Wendy E. says: I recently went to La Lingerie to find undergarments for my wedding. I am very low-maintenance when it comes to bras, but wanted something uber-comfortable that fit well for the big day. Chloe did an excellent job helping me find some pieces that definitely make me feel more confident and "put together". She was very attentive and patient, yet not pushy. She also seemed very educated about their products and helped me feel at ease during my fitting. I never realized that a bra could fit so well before shopping here. If you're looking for a non-pretentious and relaxed atmosphere when purchasing bras, underwear, and other lingerie, this is the place to go!
Pleased and Informed
Angie B. says: Liz was professional, knowledgable and very easy to get along with. She immediately made me feel comfortable and really seemed to listen to my feedback. Along with my purchased bras, I walked out with an understanding of bra structure and fit. I have been telling family and friends and they seem so amazed that this type of service is available. What a wonderful business!
30 minutes late
Kit H. says: The bras are nice and the staff is helpful, but I was made to wait for 30 minutes (they told me to come 10 minutes early) for an appointment I had made over a week in advance. As a result, I had to reconfigure later plans and felt rushed and frustrated during an experience I had been very much looking forward to. Happy with my purchases, frustrated with the experience.
Best bra shopping experience ever!!
Angela P. says: Fantastic service, awesome selection! The one on one attention at my fitting was the best part! I don't feel like I'm settling for a bra (like I normally do at dept stores) - I have lots of options that I love! Highly and exuberantly recommended.
Jean S. says: Thanks for much for all that you know about the best merchandise and how it fits women's bodies! I waited 2 weeks to write this review, because I wanted to get a chance to wear each of the 4 Fabulous bras I bought. SOoooo many times in the past, I'd leave the store with the bra feeling OK only to have it become very uncomfortable as I wore it more. NOT THIS TIME! After 2 weeks and a few washings, they ALL feel wonderful. I can't believe that all these years I was wearing the totally wrong size..Katherine knows so very much, and she was able to get me into the size that is really RIGHT for me. ( although I almost didn't believe her at first, she made a true believer out of me!) It is so fun to feel sexy wearing my lace bras, and to see my new "look" with such a nice shape . I can't wait to come back again for a swim fit. Katherine is providing such a wonderful service to women... she is so smart about the product lines, and really put so much care and effort into finding the perfect fit for me. SENDING MY MANY THANKS!!!
I love this place!
Rebecca S. says: I was long overdue for a professional bra fitting and I couldn't be happier with my experience at La Lingerie. Katherine and Liz were both so encouraging and patient. They spent almost 3 hours with me! After I came home and was second-guessing my decisions, I called and scheduled to come back the next day and they spent another half hour with me. I learned so much (that I wish I had known long before) and feel great in my new bras. I am going to tell all of my girl friends to stop in. I will definitely be back! Thank you!!
Amazing, again!
Sarah G. says: This was my second visit to La Lingerie, and I was as impressed the second time as I was the first. Having Katherine's expert advice and eye makes bra shopping a positive experience. Over the years I've wasted a ton of money on poorly fitting bras that I ultimately wear a few times and then get rid of. I always leave feeling more confident and beautiful when I leave. It's definitely worth the investment!
Such Comfort!
Kathryn C. says: I went to La Lingerie for a fitting and it exceeded my expectations. I have tried other fittings but this is the first time I was completely satisfied. The bras are so comfortable that I feel like I'm not wearing one. Along with comfort there is also the support that is needed. Katherine really knows her merchandise and is an expert fitter. It was a great experience!
A great investment in Me!
Heidi H. says: I had been struggling with back pain for several months and was to the point where I NEEDED to switch my bra as soon as I got home from work every day. I was beginning to suspect that the pain was caused by my poorly fitting bras. Katherine's confidence in her knowledge and ability was quickly matched by the skill she demonstrated as she showed me how and why various bras fit right or didn't (even within my size). It was a delight to hear the story about how she came to find her calling at such a young age. I've had 3 other fittings in my life, but I have never left any one of them feeling satisfied. This time it was different, I love all of the bras I purchased so much that I waited 2 full weeks before giving my review so I was sure I was providing a fair assessment. I am happy to report that my back pain has not returned and I still love what I purchased. The day trip to Madison to work with Katherine was well worth it. I highly recommend a visit to La Lingerie!!!
I can't stop talking about La Lingerie...
Amber N. says: I went to La Lingerie for a fitting this week and had a wonderful experience. After having lost a significant amount of weight I had no idea what size I actually was, and was shocked at the measurement Katherine gave me! Katherine's investment in the fitting time, her great selection of bras that fit my lifestyle and desires, and her kind attention make the whole experience delightful. This is where I will be purchasing bras from now on. Thank you!
Great experience
Anna G. says: After having two kids I needed help finding things that fit well. I left feeling really good about my purchases and will definitely be back.
Great experience
Pat W. says: Write your reviewing is now officially impossible to find a bra that fits me in the retail stores. Katherine brought out 30? To try on and I easily found several I liked and that fit. My clothes look better and I feel better. I will be back!
What a treasure!
Ana T. says: It is wonderful to have access to a lingerie shop as great as La Lingerie right here in Madison. The selection is abundant, the service attentive and unobtrusive, and the prices reasonable for the quality. In fact, the prices are comparable to what you would find online or in major department stores, except that at La Lingerie you get personal service and undivided attention. It turned out that I had been wearing the wrong bra size for years (both band and cup). I walked away with three beautiful bras and many more added to a wishlist. I can't wait to go back to buy them all!
Always a Great Experience
Shana U. says: I used to dread getting bras and undergarments; I would have preferred to have my teeth extracted. Ever since I've been the La Lingerie, I can't believe how easy and comfortable it is to get a great fitting bra! It is a tremendous feat to make a client (such as myself) feel cared for and attended to without making the person self-conscious or feel vulnerable. Katherine is a skilled professional and a great person that I feel like I can trust as if she were one of my close friends. I always end up leaving the store feeling great and (whoa) self-confident!
What a relief!
Holly A. says: After years of wearing ill-fitting bras and swimsuits La Lingerie was a miracle in itself. Katherine helped me find my correct size (not sold at VS or other department stores) and at the end of my appointment I had 13 perfectly fitting bras to choose from! I went looking for a strapless bra and a daily bra and came away with both. As a student the prices seemed a bit high at first but after wearing the two bras I cannot be more happy with them. Katherine is so helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable that you leave feeling 110% confident in your purchase and yourself.
Five Star Review!!!
Holly S. says: My name is Holly S. and my experience was fabulous. The owner assisted me and with finesse and professionalism. I never had a fitting for a bra and I will always continue buying all my lingerie from Katherine and staff. It is a beautiful store with really top of the line, classy, fun lingerie. I have not see the swim suits, but will definitely buy one there. I am so happy this store exist! Thanks a bunch!
Kristi O. says: I had my second experience at La Lingerie Saturday afternoon. When I walk into the store I am instantly put at ease by Katherine. Katherine's personality could not be more perfect for her job! Katherine is the complete opposite of any retail experience I have ever encountered. She is very calm, patient and honest! At my first fitting I purchased 3 daily bras, a sports bra and 2 lounge bras. The cost of the bras was worth the perfect fit......I do wear a bra every day so it is well worth the investment. I left with an amazing swimsuit and cover up on Saturday and another bra. I would HIGHLY recommend everybody go to La Lingerie for a professionally perfect fitting experience. You will NOT be disappointed and you WILL feel 110% comfortable.
Movie Star Experience
Mary N. says: When you step through the door, expect to be impressed with their excellent customer service. It was like taking a mini vacay. They wisk you to a large fitting room with movie star decor and let you try on the prettiest lingerie. Your consultant will listen attentively and provide the best fitting experience you'll find..it is a gem of a place! Thanks!
Exceeded my expectations!
Nadia L. says: I had a wonderful experience from start to finish at La Lingerie yesterday! I was immediately put to ease by the unpretentious environment and genuine nature of the staff. Letitia was my consultant and she was extremely easy to communicate with and had a genuine desire to understand my needs. It was obvious that she had a vested interest in truly wanting to help me find the perfect bra (great fit, functionality and aesthetic), as opposed to being driven by just making a sale. I never felt any pressure to purchase, nor did I feel as though Letitia would be "upset" or "disappointing" if I did not choose something that she suggested. I was impressed by the efficiency and tactfulness that Letitia displayed; she is a true professional. I expected the prices to be expensive however, I actually thought it was a great overall value considering the individual attention, length of the fitting, selection etc. Lastly, I had fun! This experience exceeded my expectations and I walked away feeling happy, confident and completely satisfied.
Laura L. says: Katherine made me feel at home when I was visiting her shop this last week. Her selection of bras is endless and they are all beautiful! Katherine help me try on bras that made me feel comfortable, fit correctly (with some room to grow since I am pregnant) and still feel beautiful! My appointment was about an hour and a half and I must have tried on at least 30 bras. I picked out so many that I liked, I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to purchase (which has never happened before). Shopping for bras was actually fun, for once! I left the store with 2 new bras and feeling beautiful and confident with my new purchases. La Lingerie is a great store, with an owner that listens to you and provides many choices for all types of women!
Sonja P. says: I recently did both a bra and swim suit fitting with Katherine. She is so knowledgeable and patient!!! I think I tried on 40 bras! I tried on bras in styles that I would never thought I would like and steered away from in the past, but I loved them! Not to mention that my bra size was way off. She made what is a normally agonizing excursion--both bra and swimsuit shopping---into a fun event! I left the store with many purchases and will definitively be a continued customer. A fabulous store, fabulous owner, and a fabulous selection.
Fabulous Fitting
Lizzy C. says: Absolutely loved my experience at La Lingerie! The thing that stands out in my mind is how much they listened to what I was looking for and wanted. Letitia really took time to hear what was important to me in a bra, how I wanted to feel, and what would work for me in my many different activities/work life. The selection of bras is unsurpassed here in Madison, and the approach to the customer is very European. It felt like I was having something made exclusively for me. Every woman should have a fitting at La Lingerie, you'll never think of bra shopping in the same way. Thank you all so much!
Jen J. says: Katherine is so knowledgeable and makes you feel right at home and comfortable. The selection of bras is amazing and of such beautiful quality. My bra fitting was pretty much a revelation in that each bra I purchased was actually a slight different size. so if you think you wear "xx" size bra, think again! This was my birthday present to myself and it was worth every bra purchase I made. Now I can actually wear beautiful, comfortable bras that fit properly. The other really wonderful thing I want to mention is that your size doesn't matter; La Lingerie can fit you. If you are a larger size, be aware that this store is not just for those tiny, perfect women you see depicted in most lingerie ads. You can wear beautiful lingerie and be fitted perfectly no matter what size you are!
Suzy B Says:
Suzy B. says: I've seen Katherine for a bra fitting before and was amazed at how wrong the bra size I was wearing really was. Based on that experience, and having just been to her swimwear fashion show, I went in for a swimsuit fitting because I was heading for some place warm and tropical on vacation. Being someone who has NEVER liked what she saw in the mirror with a swimsuit on, I was very skeptical about how this would go. I left the appt. with a suit that is amazing, that looks great on me and that truly makes me feel awesome! Katherine is amazing and it's hard not to leave the store with her attitude after an appt. with her. I would highly recomend having a bra and/or swimsuit fitting with Katherine. You won't regret it.
Fitting experience
T A M. says: I just experienced my first fitting this weekend- it was amazing. My boyfriend had been saying for some time that my bra was too small for me. I thought he was crazy. Turns out he was half right- cup too small but band too big. Latitia walked me through all the aspects of good bra fit. I wish someone had taught me all of this 15 years ago! I learned so much and walked away with two great bras and a bathing suit (not to mention a wish list!). My boyfriend was thrilled with my selection and added only a little "I told you so"- I'm glad he did! My bras look great, but amazingly and unexpectedly, they FEEL great! Latitia- if you are reading this, Thanks so much for your advice and patience! You created an amazing experience!
Super Fitting
Carol H. says: I had my first fitting with Latitia. She was really organized and helped me find bras that fit me, when I had given up on finding a comfortable bra. She made me feel good about myself and was so kind. Thanks!
As always, a wonderful experience
Joyce B. says: I have been back to see Katherine numerous times and she continues to amaze me with her knowledge, product line and caring. I won't buy my bras anywhere else. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure I'm buying the best fitting products.
The Girls are Happy
Elizabeth D. says: I had my first fitting with Latitia and it was a wonderful experience! By the third or fourth bra, I was able to tell if they fit based on her teaching and guidance. I even tried on a bra I said-no way, wouldn't wear, and loved it! Walked out with two-the girls will be so happy!
Emily M. says: I'd never owned a decent bra in my life, due to a combination of being a small size cup with a larger rib cage and being terrified of the lingerie departments at big stores. :) The women at La Lingerie made me feel welcome and comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. They were friendly and professional, and during the course of my bra fitting with Latitia I both learned a lot about fitting technique and found several gorgeous bras that fit me like a glove. I cannot recommend this place enough. The prices are reasonable, the selection enormous, the experience overwhelmingly positive.
A fantastic experience all around!
Elena S. says: I have been wearing the same old bras for years, and wanted a perk-me-up! Was reluctant to get fitted, as I am irregular in shape and large in size. However, they had such a huge selection, and the fitting was so judgment-free. They explain everything to you from the sizing of different bras to all aspects of fitting. Fantastic experience all around!
Best bra shopping experience ever
Jessica M. says: I went in to find a strapless bra to wear with my wedding gown, and an everyday bra. Not only did I walk out with exactly what I needed, and they are two of the most comfortable and perfectly-fitted bras I've ever worn, but it was also a fun, relaxed, informative experience. Thanks, Kat!
Just do it!
Alisa H. says: Best bra fitting ever! Katherine was amazing. I am self-conscious about my very pregnant body, but Katherine's manner was friendly, easy, professional, and respectful. I was totally comfortable. It was a great experience. After my first two children were born, I struggled with ill-fitting nursing bras. Not this time, thanks to La Lingerie! Definitely worth the time and effort.
Angela K. says: I cannot say enough good things about La Lingerie! Katherine did my fitting - she is very knowledgable, patient and sweet! The selection is wonderful - it is so nice to actually have a large selection to choose from instead of walking into a store and trying to find something just in my size. I have always dreaded shopping for bras, but not anymore! I will definitely be back for more! Thank you so much Katherine! See you soon! :)
Why Isn't Shopping Always This Great?
Laura B. says: My first fitting at La Lingerie was just awesome. I tried on (and bought) some of the most beautiful bras I've ever seen! Yes, the bras are expensive--when compared to the average undergarment found in the stores at the mall--but they are also quality. The sales staff is outstanding! I was greeted by Letitia, who was very sweet, and my appointment was with Katherine, who I cannot say enough about. She was so informative and so patient. I've been to other professional lingerie stores and have never felt as comfortable as I did working with Katherine. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment right away!
Even better second time 'round!
Amy t. says: This was my second fitting and it was great! I've never found comfortable AND sexy lingerie in my size before....
Impeccable Service
Sherri C. says: I am thrilled to have found La Lingerie. Katherine is just lovely, and the service she and her staff provides is outstanding. I never thought I'd love shopping for bras, but I do. And I've never had them fit so well before. Highly recommend!
So excited to have found this shop!
Kate S. says: I've always had a hard time finding bras, but not at La Lingerie! For the first time, I found a multitude of bras that are cute and comfortable. Katherine was extremely nice and clearly knew what she was doing. It is a wonderful relief to finally own bras that fit comfortably and make me feel beautiful.
Well worth the investment of time and money
Molly W. says: This was a fantastic experience--comfortable, informative, and truly helpful in every sense of the word. Katherine is not only a wonderful fitter, but a great listener as well--she provided me with exactly the types of bras I was looking for. Her selection is incredible--especially amazing for a small, locally owned business--and she knows it inside and out. So glad to have you in Madison!!!
Best shopping experience of my life
Sandra W. says: I am past middle age and now for the first time in my life have bras that fit. Completely fit. Katherine was wonderful in putting me at ease, teaching me how to put on a bra (yes, there are a few tricks that make it fit better!), and showing me a great selection. I will be writing to my friends to urge them to visit this amazing business woman in this terrific shop.
Truly Amazing!
Susan S. says: I just had my first appointment with Katherine and it was awesome. She was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and a great listener. I knew I had been wearing incorrectly sized bras, but I just accepted it. No more! Now I know what bras are supposed to feel like! I'm looking forward to going back and purchasing more off of my wish list soon!
Thank you!
Betsy S. says: My fitting with Katherine was more than I could have ever hoped for! From beginning to end I felt comfortable and listened to. After years of less-than-successful bra shopping I finally found what I was looking for at La Lingerie with the Katherine's guidance. I have already recommended the experience to several friends. It's very much worth it. Thank you!
Faye H. says: I highly recommend La Lingerie. Katherine is smart, charming, knowledgable, inspired, and passionate. We are lucky to have her in Madison. Visit this store. Invest in products that are worth it. I love this place!!! Faye
Fabulous Fit House!
Corin L. says: Kathrine and Sarah are just terrific. I enjoyed my second or third appointment and found just what I was looking for. I came with a challenge too, the elusive strapless bra. The one Sarah helped me find is magical! It's so wonderful to feel like I'm not wearing anything under my clothes. All of the pieces I saved up for and purchased are so beautiful and make me feel like my body is beautiful too. For someone who has struggled with body issues for many years that is certainly a compliment to La Lingerie's truly exceptional service and the products they select. May you have every success with your business and may everyone woman know the transformation the right bra can give her.
Delightful Experience
Joyce B. says: Katherine was a delightful service provider who really knows her business. It was a pleasure shopping at La Lingerie. I've had personal bra fittings before and hers was outstanding.
Exceptional service
Joyce B. says: As always, Katherine does an outstanding job. She takes the time to make sure the bras and panties are the best fit and work for your lifestyle. I never feel rushed nor pressured when I'm there because she wants to make sure you are happy with your purchase. I can tell my most recent bra purchases fit because people have noticed the difference. I will continue to recommend her to friends and colleagues.
Exceptional customer service
Marlena D. says: I was happy to make my third or fourth trip to La Lingerie and work with Katherine on finding some additional bras. As always, I am so impressed with the selection in my size and her exceptional expertise and customer service.
Chris K. says: Katherine is really great at what she does. I am feeling confident and fabulous in my new bras. She has an awesome selection and swimwear to boot. I will make this my dedicated Lingerie shopping stop. You must go!
Niki H. says: I had a fitting with Katherine 3 months after my daughter finished with breast-feeding. This was the perfect way to newly experience my body. Katherine was fantastic! She created a great space that made trying on bras enjoyable. Katherine was thorough and provided me with excellent info on how to tell if I've got the best possible fit. She was in the fitting room with me providing me honest feedback, she wasn't going to sell me just any bra- she was selling me the bras that worked best with my body! I was impressed with the wireless options that actually provide support and the sports bra that is flattering without flattening. The entire experience was awesome and I will be back (next week actually, for a swimsuit fitting).
Invaluable experience
CE S. says: I've spent years buying poor-fitting, poor-quality bras, and being uncomfortable as a result. The combination of personalized attention, top-quality merchandise, and truly outstanding professional expertise at La Lingerie makes the fitting and shopping experience one that I wish every woman could have. If you've struggled for years to find a bra that fits you properly, just know that it does exist, and Katherine will help you find it!
So much fun and a great value
Stacy B. says: Let me join the chorus of rave reviews for Katherine's service and selection. I know I am going to love what she helped me pick out. I loved that I could make a wish list so I can send my husband in for my birthday or whatever and he'll get something that will fit and that I will like.
Amazing! Will be going back!
Mary M. says: I had a fitting with Katherine and she helped me find the perfect fit! The bras there are excellent quality and there are utilitarian bras as well as fun lacy options. The fitting process was comfortable and low-pressure, and Katherine let me take my time in deciding which bras to get. I went there meaning to buy only one bra to try it out, but I ended up buying 4 because they were all so excellent. I will definitely be returning for a strapless bra - this is the only place I will buy a bra from now on!
Kara G. says: I have NEVER had a bra fit so well in my entire life! I want to throw away all of my VS bras and start over! Well worth the money and time to travel to Madison from Milwaukee. I will never shop at another lingerie store in my life! Thank you Katherine... so much!!!
Finally comfortable!!
Chris D. says: Went on a recommendation of a colleague and was not disappointed. Katherine made me feel very comfortable during the fitting and found many options for me. Too bad I have such a long wish list now!! Will definitely return!
I feel pretty again!
Paula J. says: Katherine is wonderful! I felt very comfortable and did not feel judged on my bra size. She had many options that I was able to pick from. I was able to get some bras that weren't the standard utility kind, but were very lacy and pretty. I have been recommending Katherine to everybody!
La Lingerie and Katherine are Phenomenal!
Laura J. says: Prior to going to La Lingerie, I had purchased most of my bras at Victoria's Secret. Although their products and service were always okay, Katherine goes above and beyond anything they hope to provide! She is knowledgeable, carries great products and does a wonderful job of making you feel very comfortable. I appreciated her one on one attention and the fact that I didn't have to rush. I purchased a bra and panty set and a swimsuit and I'm in love with both!
Finally - Bras that Fit and are Comfortable!!
Cathy C. says: I went to La Lingerie on the recommendation of a tennis friend of mine. I was tired of having ill-fitting bras and have shopped for lingerie at dept stores and through catalogs, but hadn't found the right combination of a pretty bra that fits and is comfortable. Many years ago I had a bra fitting at a dept store so I thought I knew what to expect. However, the fitting at La Lingerie was so much better. Katherine's experience and easy-going manner made me feel right at home. She knows her products and I learned a lot. Turns out I was in the wrong size. I ended up purchasing 3 bras and will definitely go back to purchase more. The investment is well worth it.
Madison is lucky to have Katherine and LaLingerie
Linda F. says: I have been to the shop several times and I am always impressed with how the right bra can make me look so much better. never had that kind of fit or comfort from a department store bra. I get complements on my plain shirts and I always want to say, "it's not the shirt, it's the bra from Katherine at LaLingerie." Often, I DO say it! Yesterday I had a fitting for a strapless for my son's wedding. Katherine had many styles available and I was able to find a great fit that doesn't feel like it's going to slide down. I was skeptical because I have never been able to wear a bra without relying on the straps for support. Now I don't depend on straps with any of my LaLingerie bras. How lucky we are to have the kind of store one would only find in Europe or the really big cities right here in Madison!
Well worth it!
Jackie S. says: This was my first time, and now I can see why someone needs at least an hour and half scheduled for your perfect fit. The experience with Katie was awesome and she has so much knowledge about bras. I couldn't believe all the little things I didn't know about fitting into a bra. I was so excited about finally fitting into a bra correctly I ended up buying 3 bras! I've already created a wish list for myself and look forward to going back. I recommend their lace bras they are so pretty and wonderful vibrant colors. I'm a lightly lined type of girl but I might have to break down and invest in one of the lace bras. Thank you Katie for your time and patience!
Katie made my day!
Kelly D. says: This is my second fitting at La Lingerie. I walked in feeling a little frustrated with life and ill-fitting older bras -- and walked out with the experience of good conversation, a great connection with a fabulous human being (Katie) and some pretty amazing and uplifting (literally) bras. If you have never been, it is so incredibly helpful to have someone who is knowledgeable, down to earth, and makes you feel incredibly comfortable with such a personal experience. It is well worth the investment and I will continue to make La Lingerie the only place I get my bras. Thank you!
Delightul, Easy, Brilliant!
Sarah G. says: This was my first time, and it was an easy, stress-free, helpful experience. Katherine made me feel comfortable while we tried on loads of bras. I walked away feeling confident, sexy and comfortable with me. Time at LaLingerie is a great investment!
Sara K. says: This was the 3rd time I have been there and I love Katherine. She is so helpfull and remembers everything about your needs and wants from times before and you leave feeling a hundred times better. Now expecting and my needs changing I am glad to have Katherine help me with my upcoming needs. Thanks Katherine your the best.
Mimi D. says: What a wonderful fitting I had last week. The time was so well spent. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy, though of course I wanted to after seeing the difference a great bra can make. I'll be back to purchase some more things on my wish list. Thanks so much.
Shopping at La Lingerie was a one-on-one service experience with Katherine. She put all her expertise into making sure my bra was exactly the right “fit,” which is entirely different from sizing. It’s not about fitting yourself into a bra, she explained; it’s about finding the bra that fits and enhances your particular curves. The one I purchased is pretty under clothing, but what’s really amazing is the support and shape it gives my figure. One well-made and perfectly fitted bra lasts far longer and makes me happier than a drawerful of department-store “bargains”. I’m through with mail-order shopping and return postage, through with guessing what size I need in each different brand, through with fighting my way through the flimsy plastic hanger jungles, through with the do-it-yourself service headaches, and a La Lingerie customer for life. -Nancy, June 2010
I had the most amazing experience at my appointment last week!! I felt extremely comfortable in the fitting room. I also learned a lot about my unique body and felt more confident than ever when i walked out of the shop! Every time I wear a product, I relive that experience over and over again! -Mandy, July 2010
I am ecstatic about my fitting I had today. Katherine helped me find beautiful bras that fit extremely well, I haven't been able to find a pretty bra in my size in over 16 years. This is the place to go if you have a larger cup size. -Sandy, July 2010
La Lingerie is a great addition to Madison. The owner takes the time to fit you appropriately and allows you time to decide on what to buy after being given many options. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for fabulous daily undergarments or special-occasion lingerie! -Danielle, July 2010
She had an amazing time with you at La Lingerie. She is adamant that she will never buy a bra from anywhere else. I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am that people like you and stores like yours exist. She is feeling more comfortable and confident than ever before and it is due to your business philosophy and attention to your customers. We will be telling everyone we can about you and La Lingerie. I had the highest expectations for her visit and you exceeded them by-far. Thank you. -Adam, Sept 2010
I had an excellent experience at La Lingerie and will not shop anywhere else for my undergarments again. Katie at La Lingerie is wonderful! She takes her time and uses her expertise to fit the correct bra and bra size for you! Katie is friendly, knowledgeable, and attuned not only about the bra fit and size but about the customer. She takes into consideration any concerns you have as far as your looks and comfort. Discretion and modesty are also part of Katie’s customer care policy. Overall, shopping for a bra at La Lingerie was a wonderful experience, one I can say I had never had before. -Carol, March 2011